Sunny Deol Gears Up to Challenge SRK – Exclusive: 150 Rs Discount Nationwide from 15th September

Sunny Deol’s film ‘Gadar 2’ has earned more than 500 crore rupees at the box office. The makers are still making their best efforts to bring audiences back to the cinemas. For this, they have adopted a formula similar to Shah Rukh Khan’s. Let’s delve into the whole matter and find out.In recent days, the film generating the most buzz is Shah Rukh Khan’s latest venture. This film has raked in a whopping 660 crore rupees worldwide in just six days. Shah Rukh Khan has set the box office on fire with this film, breaking one record after another. While ‘Jawan,’ Sunny Deol’s film, was making headlines everywhere before, the discussion around ‘Gadar 2’ has somewhat diminished since the arrival of Jawan.

Gadar 2 was released in theaters on August 11th and was followed by Jawan’s release in the subsequent month, precisely on September 7th. Sunny Deol’s film had earned a staggering 512 crore rupees in just 30 days, but the craze waned after the arrival of Jawan, causing its earnings to slow down. To boost its revenues a bit more, the producers have now come up with an offer.

The Producers of Gadar 2 have Introduced an Offer.

Starting from September 15th, tickets for Gadar 2 will come with a 150 rupee discount. Sunny Deol shared this offer on social media with the caption, This opportunity won’t come again, so don’t delay.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Formula

In recent days, “Gadar 2” is directly competing with Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release at the theaters. If “Jawan” had not been released yet, it’s possible that Sunny Deol’s film could have set even more records. However, now that “Jawan” is in the picture, the makers of “Gadar 2” have introduced an offer to compete and have also followed Shah Rukh Khan’s path.

At the beginning of this year, when Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan hit the theaters, King Khan had frequently brought such offers for the audience. Along with discounted movie tickets, he had provided many offers, including getting one ticket free. Now, the producers of “Gadar 2” have also chosen this same route.

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