Football Team Captain Suffers Heart Attack in England Match: Emotional Scenes as Teammates Pray on Field, Fans in Tears

There is no competition among athletes when it comes to fitness. Whether a player is a footballer or not, the level of fitness varies. Now, what if a footballer experiences a heart attack during a match? Such an incident occurred during a match in England.

Cardiac Arrest During Match

The Premier League match between Luton Town and Bournemouth took place at Vitality Stadium in Dorset, England, on Saturday, December 16. Luton Town’s captain, Tom Lockyer (29), suffered a cardiac arrest during the match. He was immediately taken to the hospital. Lockyer’s condition is stable, and after a short time, the match was canceled. Lockyer has undergone heart surgery.

Players’ Prayer for Captain

Players of Luton Town prayed for their captain on the field. Fans, along with players, were seen praying for the well-being of their favorite player.

Lockyer Collapses in the Second Half

During the match, Lockyer collapsed in the second half after scoring a goal for Bournemouth, leveling the score to 1-1. Luton Town’s manager, Rob Edwards, rushed onto the field. Both teams’ medical staff immediately reached the field and began providing primary care to Lockyer, who was then taken to the hospital. The match was canceled in the 65th minute, keeping in mind the mental state of the players who continued to play after the incident. The score remained 1-1.

Club Acknowledges Medical Staff

Luton Town expressed gratitude to its medical staff in a statement, stating, “Our medical staff has confirmed that Captain Lockyer suffered a cardiac arrest. When he was being taken out on a stretcher from the field, his condition was stable. He was provided with immediate care inside the stadium and later taken to the hospital. We thank all the medical staff of the team, who promptly provided primary care to Lockyer and then accompanied him to the hospital. We appreciate their commitment.”

Lockyer’s Health Update by Bournemouth

After Bournemouth’s announcement of Lockyer’s health update, they stated, “We are relieved to hear that Lockyer is stable and has received the necessary medical attention. Our thoughts are with him and his family. Coventry Club faced a similar incident in May, and now, unfortunately, it has happened to Lockyer as well.”

Lockyer’s Comeback After Medical Procedure

In May, Lockyer also faced a similar incident during a match against Coventry Club. He underwent heart surgery and made a comeback on the field in June. In an interview in June, he mentioned that he had a challenging experience and felt that his legs had gone numb.

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