Kashmiri Youth Arrested in Odisha, Suspicion of Being a Pakistani Spy, Allegations of Posing as PMO Official and Fake Doctor Marrying Multiple Girls

Odisha Police’s Special Task Force (STF) has apprehended a 37-year-old Kashmiri youth from Jajpur district. The individual had been posing as an official from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), an Army doctor, a neurosurgeon, and at times, being in proximity to officials from the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Kashmiri Youth with Multiple Identities Arrested

The identified person, known as Syed Ishaan Bukhari, alias Dr. Ishaan Bukhari, hails from Kupwara, Kashmir, and has been residing in Odisha since 2018. He has married several women across different states in India, including Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Odisha, with active profiles on various dating apps and websites.

Allegations of Involvement with Multiple Women and National Security Concerns

The police stated that the accused had relationships with several young women, and suspicions arose due to his frequent contacts with individuals from Pakistan, raising concerns of possible espionage for Pakistan. Substantial evidence and proofs related to these allegations have been collected.

International Degrees to Mask Activities

According to Jay Narayan Pankaj, IG of Odisha STF, the accused possesses numerous international degrees from universities like Cornell University in the United States, Canadian Health Service Institute, and others. These degrees were allegedly acquired to create a façade of legitimacy for his activities.

Seizure of Four Mobile Phones and Various Documents

Following the arrest, four mobile phones, multiple ID cards, forged checks, visiting cards, and signed blank affidavits were seized from the accused. The police will scrutinize the chat records and links obtained from the accused’s mobile phone to gather further information.

IG Confirms Substantial Evidence Against Ishaan Bukhari

The IG stated that comprehensive evidence has been obtained against Ishaan Bukhari in cases related to forgery, impersonation, and other fraudulent activities. A non-bailable warrant is pending against him, and he is implicated in various cases related to cheating and fabrication.

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