Virat Kohli Receives Fortified Security in US: Special Commandos, Mounted Police on All Sides Amid Terror Threats

Amidst preparations for the T20 World Cup 2024 in the United States, Indian cricket icon Virat Kohli has received special attention regarding his security. The US police have implemented enhanced measures to ensure no lapses occur in Kohli’s protection. 

A viral video circulating on social media captures Kohli engaging in practice sessions on the field, accompanied by numerous security personnel. Notably, even mounted police officers and special commandos are deployed to safeguard him.

Virat Kohli: A Global Cricket Sensation

Virat Kohli’s prominence in the cricketing world necessitates special security arrangements wherever he goes. His practice sessions were once accessible to fans, but now, stringent security measures keep them at a distance. 

In America, special provisions have been made to ensure Kohli’s safety, as evidenced by the viral video circulating on social media, featuring police personnel alongside him on horseback. 

Kohli boasts a massive fan following, not just in India but worldwide. Currently, he has over 250 million followers on Instagram alone, a testament to his global appeal and stature in the world of cricket.

Virat Kohli’s Stellar Performance in the 2022 T20 World Cup

The last season of the T20 World Cup was held in Australia, where Team India faced disappointment. However, Virat Kohli, the king of cricket, displayed a magnificent performance. He participated in all six matches for the Blue Team, amassing a total of 296 runs with an impressive average of 98.66.

Throughout the tournament, Virat Kohli achieved the highest score of 96 runs. He successfully hit four fifties during the T20 World Cup 2022. Kohli emerged as the top run-scorer for India in the tournament, showcasing his exceptional batting skills and leadership on the field.

Enhanced Security Measures for the Indian Team

Enhanced Security Measures for the Indian Team

As the co-host of the ICC T20 World Cup, the United States is keen on ensuring the safety of the revered Indian cricketers. In light of various threats from terrorist organizations and concerns regarding tournament security, the Indian team’s security has been significantly bolstered. Particularly, Virat Kohli’s security has been intensified, evident from a viral video showing him accompanied by multiple security personnel during field practice sessions.

Mounted police officers, former Indian cricket captains turned security officials, and armed guards encircle Kohli, highlighting the meticulous attention to his safety. It’s worth noting that authorities in New York, especially with the upcoming match between India and Pakistan at the NASSAU County International Cricket Stadium on June 9, have ramped up security measures. The Governor’s office in New York has issued directives to enhance law enforcement presence and ensure thorough security checks.

A statement from the Governor’s office emphasized that public safety is their utmost priority, and they are committed to providing a secure experience for all cricket fans during the World Cup.

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