Gambling Bust: 27 Caught at Ahmedabad Gymkhana While PCB Remained Inactive

In a recent operation, the Ahmedabad Crime Branch successfully detained 27 individuals engaged in unlawful gambling activities within a well-known Gymkhana Club situated in the Daryapur area of Ahmedabad city. This event comes on the heels of a prior significant gambling bust carried out by the State Monitoring Cell of Gandhinagar. On that occasion, some individuals from Ahmedabad were found to be assisting the favored clubs, which led to a temporary lapse in law enforcement vigilance. Unfortunately, a similar situation was encountered this time around, necessitating the intervention of the Ahmedabad Crime Branch. The apprehended gamblers displayed an apparent lack of remorse, as they were seen smiling during their detention.

Current Developments

In response to the recent gambling bust at the Gymkhana Club in the Daryapur area of Ahmedabad, the City Police Commissioner has taken a resolute stance on the matter. The Commissioner has expressed grave concern and is committed to taking stringent action not only against those directly associated with the club but also against any individuals who may have facilitated or supported these illicit activities. This determination stems from the fact that, on previous occasions, the State Monitoring Cell of Gandhinagar had uncovered major gambling operations in Ahmedabad with the assistance of certain individuals, leading to inactivity on the part of the Police Control Bureau (PCB).

During the operation led by Crime Branch Police Inspector J.H. Sindhav, valuable information was received indicating the involvement of an individual named Govindbhai, also known as Gamabhai Khodidas Patel. It was reported that Govindbhai was orchestrating gambling activities on the second floor of the favored Gymkhana Club in the Waghjipura area of Daryapur. Acting upon this credible tip-off, the law enforcement team proceeded to the location to investigate the matter.

Upon conducting a thorough search of the premises, the following items and evidence were discovered:

  1. Nine sets of Ganjifa playing cards were confiscated.
  2. Thirty-nine sets of Ganjifa cards were concealed beneath a table.
  3. Thirty-two pieces of paper containing records of game-related wins and losses.
  4. A substantial sum of cash amounting to Rs. 54,600.
  5. A total of twenty mobile phones were found in possession of those involved in the gambling activities.
  6. An aggregate amount of Rs. 2.02 lakhs was seized as part of the operation.

This significant haul of evidence and cash serves as compelling proof of the illicit gambling operations that were taking place at the Gymkhana Club. The seizure underscores the gravity of the situation and strengthens the case against those individuals involved in these unlawful activities. It further highlights the commitment of the Crime Branch team to uphold the law and maintain the integrity of the community by curbing illegal gambling practices.

The following individuals have been apprehended and detained in connection with the illegal gambling operation at the Gymkhana Club in Daryapur:

  1. Govind alias Gamabhai Khodidas Patel (Residence: 53, 3345/1 Motavagjipura, Daryapur)
  2. Dinesh Premjibhai Patel (Residence: 44, Reva Bhuvan, Pandari Gymkhana, Motavagjipura, Daryapur)
  3. Mehbub Yakubhai Balluwala (Chipa) (Residence: 65, Kadwasheri Pol, Kotni Rang, Astodia Darwaza, Jamalpur)
  4. Pradeep Rasiklal Shah (Residence: 63, E/212 Real Park, Vaishali Tenement, New Vasana)
  5. Jagdish Chandra Chaturbhai Patel (Above 55, Village- Pithai Piteshwari Society, Near Bhathiji Mandir, Kathlal Dist. Kheda)
  6. Altafkhan Usman Khan Pathan (Above 40, Seemji Bhagal, Nanu Shekhwadu, Mahudha Dist. Kheda)
  7. Bharat Devarajbhai Carpenter (Residence: 44, Sector-3 Chanakyapuri, Ghatlodia)
  8. Navneet Vitthalbhai Patel (Residence: 56, Bungalow No-16 Mangalpark Society, Near Post Office, Amraiwadi)
  9. Suresh Chamanlal Ganatra (Residence: 53, Vandravaan Society, Near Derasar Chowk)
  10. Shankarlal Madhuji Kalal (Residence: 48, Babubhai Chali, Mohannagar, Valinath Chowk, Memnagar)
  11. Dilip Janyatilal Shah
  12. Bhargava Rajendrabhai Patel (Residence: 36, 24 Jai Somnath Society, Usmanpura Ashram Road)
  13. Hussain Jakkiuddin Rampurwala (Residence: 70, Main Bazar, Santrampur Dist. Mahisagar)
  14. Karan Singh Ajitsinh Sisodia (Residence: 38, Village-Chandisar, Dt.Dholka)
  15. Ketan Govindbhai Parekh (Residence: 56, Next to Navovas Panchalwas, Sanand)
  16. Bhailal Dhanjibhai Patel (Residence: 51, C/91, Kulwadi Society, Mahadevnagar, Vastral)
  17. Jahangir Najirbhai Sheikh (Residence: 48, A/10 Suhan Complex, Opposite Royal Akbar Tower, Juhapura, Sarkhej Road, Vejalpur)
  18. Amjad Khan Sadullakhan Pathan (Residence: 47, Kesarganj, Abu Road, Rajakoti, Opposite, Abu G. Sirohi, Rajasthan)
  19. Sandeep Kuldipbhai Chowdhury (Residence: 28, D/6 Near Hari, Near Vejalpur Bus Stop, Vejalpur)
  20. Dharmendra Hemchandrabhai Thakor (Residence: 45, 52/570 BOMBAY HOUSING, SARASPUR)
  21. Anil Ashokbhai Rathore (Residence: 39, 10, Vishwakarma Society, Dhobighat Char Rasta, Dudheshwar Road, Shahpur Darwaza Bahar, Shahpur)
  22. Navghan Prahaladji Thakor (Residence: 37, Navo Thakorwas, Near Meldimata Temple, Village Telao, Sanand)
  23. Rajesh Chandubhai Patel (Residence: 41, 40 Yogeswarpark Society, Beside Swaminarayan Temple, Bavla)
  24. Ramanji Ghelaji Chauhan (Residence: 57, 1, Deva-Arya Bungalows, Near Uma Part Plot, Motera)
  25. Gangji Kodarbhai Patel (Residence: 46, Gopalnagar Sector-2 Rabariwas, Behind Loyela School, Memnagar)
  26. Yusuf Khan aka Laplap Khudadad Khan Pathan (Residence: 62, 1577, Baitul Zohra Manjil, Chundiol, Near Pili Haveli, Three Doors)
  27. Girish Bachubhai Patel (Residence: 51, 32, Raghuveer Park, Nikol Village Road, Near Uttamnagar, Thakkarnagar, Ahmedabad City)

Prior Criminal History of the Accused:

  1. Govind alias Gamabhai Khodidas Patel: Govind Khodidasan was previously arrested by the State Monitoring Cell under Sections 4 and 5 of the Gambling Act two years ago. He was subsequently handed over to the Daryapur police station. Additionally, the PCB (Police Control Bureau) of Ahmedabad city had previously registered a case under the Red Kari Gambling Act and transferred it to the Daryapur police station. These prior arrests indicate a history of involvement in gambling-related offenses.
  2. Yusuf Khan alias Lapalap Khudadadkhan Pathan: Yusuf Khan has a previous arrest record related to gambling offenses. He was arrested in a case pertaining to gambling by the Karanj police station. This prior arrest suggests a prior involvement in unlawful gambling activities.

These individuals’ prior criminal histories demonstrate their prior encounters with the law in connection with gambling offenses, which is pertinent information in the current legal proceedings.

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