Honoring Bhrigu’s Birth Anniversary: Broach, Pioneering Trade Post, Achieves Global Exports Surpassing ₹6,000 Crores Annually

Along the Sacred Banks of Narmada, Bharuch was Established on Vasant Panchami.

On the auspicious day of Vasant Panchami, Bharuch, situated along the sacred banks of the Narmada river, was founded by the sage Bhargava. Since its inception, Bharuch has been renowned as a bustling center of commerce. The city’s proximity to the bustling port of Bharuch facilitated the inflow and outflow of ships from both domestic and international destinations. Trade in commodities like cotton, spices, and textiles thrived along its shores.

From being known as Broach under British rule, the city has now evolved into Bharuch. Today, it stands as a vibrant industrial hub, hosting a plethora of industries ranging from dyes, chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers to pharmaceuticals. Thousands of industries continue to flourish, manufacturing products such as paints, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals.

Bharuch: A Thriving Hub for Global Trade

The commerce ministry’s recently released figures for the past year reveal that Bharuch has surpassed the mark of 6,000 crores in exports. The district is witnessing a significant surge in the export of both organic and inorganic chemicals, as well as copper. With trade relations extending to 180 countries worldwide, Bharuch district continues to be a key player in global commerce.

In recent times, Bharuch has become a cornerstone of the national economy, facilitating the export of goods via air, sea, and road routes. The district’s strategic location along waterways, including rivers and seas, has broadened the horizons of trade beyond traditional avenues.

The efficient transportation network by air, sea, and road has elevated Bharuch district’s position in the nation’s economy. Goods produced in Bharuch city and district are now transported via trains or trucks to ports like Mumbai, from where they are shipped overseas in containers. The annual turnovers of industries in Bharuch district have surged beyond 2 lakh crores, reflecting a substantial increase in industrial output year after year.

Saffron Bath Ritual for Sage Bhrigu on Vasant Panchami

Vasant Panchami marks the auspicious occasion of Sage Bhrigu’s appearance, celebrated with reverence and tradition. On this day, the temple located in the Dandiya Bazaar area holds a special ceremony where Brahmins, known for their rituals, perform the saffron bath ritual for the statue of the sage. This ritual is scheduled from 6:45 AM to 7:45 AM. The tradition of conducting the saffron bath for the statue of Sage Bhrigu has been upheld for approximately a century.

Industrial Development Progresses, Yet Infrastructural Amenities Lag Behind

Despite industrial growth, Bharuch and Ankleshwar still lack adequate infrastructural facilities. The immediate former Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, had announced the proposal to develop Twin Cities; however, today, both old Ankleshwar and old Bharuch remain the same. The proposed Golden Bridge to connect both cities has been replaced by the new Narmada Bridge, but apart from this, no other infrastructure development has been witnessed, particularly regarding Twin Cities.

Bharuch’s Trade Influence Extending to Venice

During the British colonial period, Bharuch was recognized as Broach. The development of Bharuch extended northward, encompassing ports, commercial hubs, and shipyards at one point in time. Bharuch’s significance wasn’t limited merely to east-west connections; it also played a crucial role in the expansion of India, facilitating trade routes to the riches of the Narmada Valley and the fertile plains along the Ganges, serving as a pivotal transportation junction. 

As early as the 500 BCE, Bharuch garnered renown for its trade, attracting merchants from Arabia and Ethiopia who navigated their goods westward to Egypt, Greece, Persian territories, the Roman Empire, and even to Venice. These merchants traded their goods, primarily via the mixed routes of land and sea, reaching destinations as far as Venice.

Present Situation of the City

The current situation of the city is as follows:

  • Population: 225,000
  • Dwellings: More than 80,000
  • Area: 19 square kilometers
  • Wards: 11

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