Bank Officer’s Suicide Sparks Concern Over Work Conditions: Suicide Note Mentions Overwork and Union Issues

On October 2nd, an officer responsible for duties at Union Bank in Junagadh was found hanging from the railing in front of the bank, having committed suicide. Eleven days after the suicide, a suicide note written by the bank officer has surfaced, in which he criticizes being burdened with the workload of three departments simultaneously in the bank. He also mentions applying for immediate pension for his wife after his death, as well as requesting for her employment. The police are conducting further investigations based on the suicide note.

The suicide note reveals that the bank officer was assigned the workload of three departments simultaneously when he joined on May 31, 2022. Although he was given a joining letter from the CRLD department, his duties involved work from the CRLD, CMCC, and RCOC departments, which included daily harassment of staff. The note also mentions staff shortages in all three departments and alleges that most of the staff are involved in union activities. He complains of daily harassment after his death and requests to initiate his wife’s pension immediately and urges the bank’s MD-CEO to ensure that unrealistic targets are not imposed on staff, as it may force many like him to commit suicide.

On October 2nd, Siyaram Prasad, an officer responsible for duties at the Regional Branch of the Union Bank of India located on Jhanjhara Road in Junagadh, Uttar Pradesh, hanged himself from the railing in front of the bank due to alleged harassment over work-related issues. He was not found at his residence that night, prompting his wife to inform their colleagues. His family and other employees went searching for him and discovered his body hanging from the railing, leading to shock and grief among his relatives and colleagues.

The incident of suicide was captured on CCTV footage, confirming that the bank officer ended his life by hanging himself from the railing in front of the bank. This entire event was complex and was recorded on the bank’s CCTV system. The incident occurred early in the morning when all shops and offices in the complex were closed, and the CCTV footage recorded the incident.

What is the police saying?

Deputy Superintendent Hitesh Dhandhalya stated that a fortnight ago, a Union Bank of India officer had committed suicide by hanging himself from the railing outside the bank on Jhanjhara Road. The police immediately launched an investigation into the sudden death and noted it as a case of unnatural death. A suicide note was also found, prompting the police to collect statements from bank employees and staff regarding the circumstances leading to the incident. Different divisions of the police, including the Crime Branch, are conducting separate inquiries into the matter.

The deceased, Siyaram Prasad, had mentioned in his suicide note that he was given the responsibility of three departments at the bank alone and was subjected to constant harassment, including daily torture by bank staff. The suicide note does not mention any specific names but details instances of harassment faced by the deceased at the bank. Investigations into the torture allegations mentioned in the suicide note are currently underway. The police have initiated an investigation into the matter. The family of the deceased, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, has been notified and arrangements for the final rites of the deceased are being made in his hometown. Police officials in charge of investigating the case are also in contact with the family. Legal action will be taken against anyone found responsible for the incident once the investigation is complete.

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