Boat Tragedy Victims Seek Justice: Accused Free, Mother Grieves, HC Hearing Unfolds the Heart-Wrenching Tale

In a devastating incident at Vadodara’s Harni Talav, 12 children and 2 teachers lost their lives due to a boat mishap. In response to this tragic event, the Gujarat High Court has initiated suo motu proceedings by filing a petition and directing the Home Department’s secretary to submit an action-taken report promptly. The matter is scheduled for a hearing in the Gujarat High Court on January 29. Additionally, the affected families have also filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court. 

Today, 13 members of the affected families met with Utkarsh Dave, advocate at the Gujarat High Court, expressing profound grief. A mother, amidst tears, implored for justice, stating, “My daughter will never return; justice must prevail, and the accused should not be granted bail.”

Naziya Breaks Down, Seeks Justice for Daughter Lost in Tragedy

Expressing profound sorrow, Naziya, who lost her daughter in the tragic incident, broke down while stating that she had lost her daughter, who was studying in the fourth grade at School. She emphasized that she has come to the High Court seeking justice. She conveyed, “Now, I won’t get my daughter back, but I need justice. The accused should not be granted bail under any circumstances.” Naziya was visibly emotional as she spoke, affirming her determination to seek justice for her lost daughter.

Zahabia's mother, Nazia, tearfully spoke to the media.

Grief Deepens as Innocent 10-Year-Old Son Succumbs to Tragedy

The pain intensifies as it is revealed that a 10-year-old innocent son lost his life in the recent tragedy. Kalpesh Nizama, another affected individual, expressed that his 10-year-old son has succumbed to the unfortunate incident. In the police complaint filed regarding this incident, the accused has been identified as the complainant himself. The victim’s family is advised to file a formal complaint, and if the accused applies for bail, the affected family is determined to oppose it in court. 

Notably, the accused holds positions of responsibility within the school, serving as a trustee, principal, and a corporator in the Vadodara Municipal Corporation. Considering these roles, there is a need to investigate and take appropriate action against him. The Corporation Commissioner, being one of the accused, must also be subject to scrutiny for his involvement in this tragic incident.

Father Kalpesh Nizama, who lost his 10-year-old son.

Accused Gunman Remains At Large: Legal Actions Initiated

Kalpesh further disclosed that the accused gunman, despite claiming relief, is still at large, breathing freely. An urgent appeal is made to swiftly apprehend the accused and ensure that they are denied bail. It is emphasized that the culprits must be promptly arrested, and they should not be granted any reprieve. In pursuit of justice, a writ petition has been filed in the Supreme Court, and the High Court has taken suo moto cognizance of the matter. 

This action is rooted in the fact that several culprits often escape legal consequences, and this trend must be curtailed. The filing of the FIR should not be solely dependent on our initiative; the Corporation must also take responsibility. Our legal representative, Advocate Utkarsh Dave, assures us that justice will prevail.

Accused to Face Consequences: Legal Action Ensured

Accused to Face Consequences: Legal Action Ensured

In the event that the accused individuals file a petition for bail after being apprehended, the victims are prepared to provide a robust response. If those accused who have not been arrested yet file a petition seeking relief, the victims will similarly respond within the legal framework. Filing a petition in the Supreme Court is imperative to ensure that no perpetrator escapes legal consequences. 

Advocate Utkarsh Dave is actively engaged in efforts to secure justice for the victims of the Morbibridge tragedy. His commitment to the cause is evident as he serves as a legal representative for the victims. Regular communication is maintained with him to facilitate legal proceedings in their pursuit of justice.

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