Bollywood Actress Nikita Rawal Faces Startling Incident: Robbed at Gunpoint in Her Home

The Bollywood actress Nikita Rawal was reportedly robbed at gunpoint. Nikita Rawal has filed an FIR (First Information Report) about the robbery at the Malad Bangur Nagar police station in Mumbai. She revealed that she, along with a member of her staff, was robbed of 3.5 lakh rupees by an unknown person they met, and the perpetrator then fled. The Mumbai police are currently investigating the entire case.

Bollywood actress Nikita Rawal has been involved in a shocking incident. According to the complaint filed with the Mumbai police, when the actress Nikita Rawal was alone at her home, a domestic worker from her house stole 3.5 lakh rupees from her at gunpoint. Others who were present with her at the time had threatened that if her demands were not met, she would be harmed. Out of fear for her life, Nikita Rawal handed over her remaining savings, which amounted to 3 lakh rupees. Nikita claims that the perpetrator of the robbery was a member of her household staff who had conspired with some other accomplices to carry out the entire plan.

Sources have stated that the accused preferred a time when most of the household employees were not present at Nikita’s house when he decided to rob her at gunpoint. After committing the robbery, the accused fled. Nikita Rawal was taken aback when her own staff members, armed with a knife and a gun, robbed her. Nikita Rawal has lodged an FIR (First Information Report) regarding the robbery at the Malad Bangur Nagar police station in Mumbai.

Nikita has made a public statement about the entire robbery incident. She has stated that after the robbery, she is in a state of severe shock. She cannot believe that she was robbed by one of her own household staff members. It is distressing how people initially earn trust, and then they betray that trust. When criminals point a gun at you and threaten you, and hold a knife to your throat, you truly can’t do anything. They were constantly giving threats that if she didn’t hand over their money, they would harm her physically.

After working tirelessly, she had purchased valuable jewelry worth approximately 3.5 lakh rupees. She had diligently earned this jewelry, including gold ornaments. The robbery incident was a harrowing experience for her, and she cannot put into words the ordeal and the situation at that time. An FIR (First Information Report) has been filed regarding the robbery. Nikita Rawal mentioned that the Mumbai police are investigating and striving to apprehend the culprits and recover her belongings and money

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