Canada Shipment of 46 Lakh Liquid Drugs on Book Pages in Ahmedabad Sparks Khalistan Probe

Amid renewed disputes between Canada and India, a significant drug consignment was intercepted at Ahmedabad Airport, which originated from Canada. Authorities from Ahmedabad Cyber Crime and Customs jointly conducted a large-scale operation, seizing cocaine and its precursor materials worth millions. While the cocaine shipment came from Canada, investigations are underway to determine any possible connections to Khalistani networks. Other agencies are also collaborating in this investigation. On the other hand, during the ongoing drug bust operation, drugs were converted into liquid form, making them virtually undetectable when concealed within the pages of books. This operation has uncovered an extensive racket involving drugs.

Drug Transfer Facilitated by Courier Company

Gujarat, known as a hotspot for drug mafias, has become a hub for the smuggling of methadrone drugs. The crackdown on drug operations in Gujarat has disrupted the networks of drug mafias, with Ahmedabad emerging as a key hub. In a joint operation by Ahmedabad Cyber Crime and Customs departments, over 4.6 million worth of drugs were rapidly seized. This comprehensive drug bust operation involved the transfer of drugs through a courier company.

Seizure of 5.97 Kilos of Cannabis Worth Over 46 Lakhs

In the operation, more than 4.6 million worth of drugs, including cocaine and cannabis, were seized, with cannabis alone valued at 46 lakhs. These drugs were being supplied internationally through courier services and concealed in books and packages. The joint operation by Ahmedabad Cyber Crime and Customs departments led to the confiscation of 5.97 kilos of cannabis with a market value of 46 lakhs.

Drug Procurement from the Dark Web

It’s noteworthy that drugs were being smuggled across countries and continents by concealing them within the pages of books. In this elaborate racket, an international courier company played a pivotal role in transferring drugs. These drugs were procured through orders placed on the dark web.

Massive Drug Bust Worth 800 Crores in Kutch

Just two days ago, a substantial drug bust took place in Kutch, where a significant quantity of drugs was seized, valued at approximately 800 crores. The police in Kutch intercepted over 80 kilograms of drugs along the coastal area. The estimated value of these drugs exceeded 800 crores. In a unique twist, drugs were discovered in the possession of non-locals stranded in a borderless state. The primary focus of the investigation by law enforcement agencies is on uncovering cocaine within the FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory) tests.

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