Congress MLA’s Protest Prompts Rapid Plaque Correction: Oversight or Deliberate Action?

The municipal corporation’s health department recently inaugurated a hemodialysis center at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in the Bherampura area of the city. The inauguration, attended by BJP office-bearers, including Mayor Pratibha Jain, faced disruption due to the absence of the name of local Jamalpur Congress MLA, Imran Khedawala. The ensuing protest saw the MLA and supporters employing black spray on the inauguration plaque. In a swift response, the municipal corporation replaced the plaque within an hour after the protest, addressing the concerns raised by the MLA.

Allegations of Political Interference Surrounding Plaque Change During Hemodialysis Center Inauguration

In a recent conversation with Divya Bhaskar, Jamalpur Congress MLA Imran Khedawala revealed that the plaque commemorating the inauguration of a hemodialysis center at the Infectious Disease Hospital was changed at the behest of someone. Khedawala, expressing his dissatisfaction, disclosed that as a local MLA, he protested against the omission of his name from the plaque. In just one hour after his protest, a plaque featuring his name was swiftly installed. Khedawala further highlighted that he brought the matter to the commissioner’s attention, emphasizing that his name was initially included in the invitations, and the customary practice during inaugurations is to feature the local MLA’s name on the plaque. Alleging deliberate exclusion, he pointed fingers at the publicity department, indirectly implicating BJP authorities and suggesting that the plaque change was orchestrated on someone’s request. The incident raises questions about the transparency of the commemorative process and the potential influence of political considerations in such public events.

Dual Plaques and Invitation Discrepancies Heighten Controversy Surrounding Hemodialysis Center Inauguration

The inauguration of the Hemodialysis Center at the Bherampura Infectious Disease Hospital has become embroiled in controversy, with questions arising about the presence of two plaques and disparities in invitation cards. An unsettling revelation came to light as only the pamphlet sent to Jamalpur Congress MLA Imran Khedawala featured his name as the special guest, while the other pamphlet did not include his name in the same capacity. This discrepancy has raised concerns and added to the existing controversy surrounding the inauguration.

The controversy deepens with queries regarding the prompt replacement of the plaque. Some are questioning the municipal corporation officials, pondering how they managed to create a new plaque within just one hour. Speculation has emerged regarding whether the corporation officials anticipated a potential protest and the need for a plaque change, prompting them to prepare a spare plaque in advance. The swift installation of the new plaque within an hour has fueled suspicions that two plaques might have been created and prepped for the event. This raises the possibility that, depending on objections or concerns raised, the appropriate plaque would be chosen – one with the name if objections were voiced, or the originally installed plaque if no issues were raised.

This development underscores the complexity and intrigue surrounding the inauguration event, heightening scrutiny on the planning and execution of public ceremonies. As questions linger, a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the creation and installation of the plaques is imperative to ensure transparency and maintain public trust in the commemorative process.

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