Gandhinagar: Government Employees Protest for Pension Scheme: Clashes with Police in Truthful Demonstration

Government employees in Gujarat have been protesting separately for the past few days regarding the demand for the reinstatement of the old pension scheme. The agitation of district employees has now reached Patanagar. Today, employees from various districts across the state have converged in Gandhinagar. In the civil disobedience movement, thousands of employees have gathered to protest, some even resorting to clashes with the police. Employees participating in the civil disobedience movement are stating, “The government must fulfill its promises. We will only disperse after reinstating the old pension scheme here.”

Employees Wants OPS

The agitation for the old pension scheme in Gujarat began even before the state assembly elections. Now, with the Lok Sabha elections approaching, the issue of the old pension scheme remains a pressing concern for the Gujarat government. Employees have been demanding vehemently for a long time, and in some states, the new pension schemes have been scrapped to implement the old pension scheme. In line with this, today employees, along with the leadership of the Gujarat Rajya Karmachari Mahamandal, have marched from Gandhinagar to press for the demand for the reinstatement of the old pension scheme.

Protest Movement Spreads to Gandhinagar

Employees, including teachers and government employees, have been protesting separately for the old pension scheme for the past few days in different districts of Gujarat. After organizing demonstrations and wearing black badges in district offices, today employees, along with government employees from various districts, have reached Gandhinagar to intensify the demand for the old pension scheme. The demand for the implementation of the old pension scheme, discontinuation of the fixed salary scheme, and resolution of unresolved issues with the government have led to a significant number of employees participating in today’s massive civil disobedience movement organized by the Gujarat State United Employees Morcha and the Gujarat State Employees Federation.

Employees Assert: “Government Must Fulfill Promises”

In this protest, Gujarat State United Government Employees Front representatives and employees have gathered. Employees are making a singular demand that the government fulfill its promises. Notably, a meeting was held with ministers on September 16. However, despite assurances at the time, the promised actions have not been implemented, prompting employees to stage protests again before the government. Employees from across the state are converging in Gandhinagar for this demonstration.

“We Will Persist in Our Demands”

Vikramsinh Garasiya, the President of Gujarat State Teachers’ Union, stated that they have been demanding the reinstatement of the old pension scheme since 2012 and have repeatedly petitioned the government on this matter. Even in 2022, we protested, and the government accepted our two demands. However, those have yet to be acted upon. Today, we are here to assert our right to the old pension scheme, which is our entitlement. We have organized a demonstration in the government for petitioning. We will persist in our demands.

Key Demands of Employees

  • Implementation of the old pension scheme for all state employees.
  • Resolution to issues remaining pending with the government’s solutions.
  • Disbursement of the seventh pay commission’s remaining arrears.
  • According to the central government’s standards, the first pay grade should receive a 25% increase, while for grades 10, 20, and 30, house rent should be given.

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