Captivating Mohan’s City: Water Projection Show at Gomti Ghat, Signature Bridge ‘Sudarshan Setu’ Inaugurated by PM on 25th

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit the sacred land of Dwarka this upcoming Sunday. The city of Dwarka is abuzz with excitement and anticipation for his arrival. A spectacular Water Projection Light and Sound Show adorned the banks of the Gomti Ghat, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Cable bridges connecting Okha and Bet Dwarka are underway to link the coastal routes. 

Renamed as Sudama Setu, this signature bridge will be inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on February 25th. Additionally, Dwarka’s iconic temples and streets are bedecked with colorful lights, illuminating the cityscape and enhancing its charm. As a result, the city of Dwarka shines brightly, reminiscent of pure gold.

Deep Pragatya Utsav Illuminates Dwarka

Deep Pragatya Utsav Illuminates Dwarka

In the serene ambiance surrounding the Jagat Mandir in Dwarka, the Gomti River, gracefully flowing alongside, witnessed the evening meeting with the Prime Minister, marked by the commencement of various celebrations. Among these festivities, the Deep Pragatya Utsav unfolded its splendor this evening. 

The Jagat Mandir of Dwarka adorned itself with mesmerizing radiance, captivating the eyes and enchanting the hearts of onlookers. This spectacle offers a delightful and thrilling experience to the devout followers who witness it. The entire atmosphere of Dwarka is now imbued with a sense of Krishna-centric devotion and celebration.

Gomti Mata's Grand Aarti Ceremony

Gomti Mata’s Grand Aarti Ceremony

Organized by the District Administration, the grand Aarti ceremony of Gomti Mata took place at 7 o’clock in the evening, drawing a multitude of devotees in the thousands. During this ceremony, under the guidance of prominent members of the society, including Yajnesh Upadhyay, a noted figure of the Google community and Mahamantri Kapil Vayada, the Brahmins performed the majestic Aarti of Gomti Mata. 

Alongside, traditional Vedic chants and rituals were also conducted in accordance with scriptures. Among the attendees were a large number of pilgrims and travelers, including dignitaries such as MLA Pabubha Manek, BJP President Vijay Bujad, District Collector Pandya, and other esteemed personalities, fostering a deeply spiritual ambiance throughout.

Travelers and Devotees Enthralled

Travelers and Devotees Enthralled

The Department of Sports, Youth, and Cultural Activities, under the Government of Gujarat, along with the Gandhi Nagar Handicrafts Youth Service and Cultural Activities, organized various cultural events in Gandhi Nagar and the Cultural Office of the District, as well as a water projection light and sound show at Gomti Ghat in Dwarka through the District Administration’s machinery. These events left travelers and devotees spellbound, witnessing the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

12,000 Residents of Bet Dwarka Eagerly Await Bridge Inauguration by PM Modi

12,000 Residents of Bet Dwarka Eagerly Await Bridge Inauguration by PM Modi

Bet Dwarka, situated amidst the waters of the Arabian Sea, is the divine abode of Lord Shri Krishna in the Dwarka district. Accessible solely by boat due to its solitary connection via the sea, Bet Dwarka has captured the anticipation of 12,000 residents awaiting the inauguration of a bridge connecting the island to the mainland. Scheduled for inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 25th, the bridge construction promises to transform the lives of Bet Dwarka’s inhabitants and enhance connectivity to the mainland.


Preparations in Full Swing Ahead of PM’s Arrival

Ahead of the scheduled arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the inauguration of the Sudarshan Setu connecting Bet Dwarka on Sunday, February 25th, comprehensive arrangements have been made by the district administration. Various programs and stringent security measures have been organized in anticipation of the event. The entire district machinery is fully prepared, with the police force ensuring robust security arrangements through a meticulously planned action plan.

Sealing of All Borders in Devbhumi Dwarka District

Sealing of All Borders in Devbhoomi Dwarka District

All river and land borders of Devbhoomi Dwarka district have been sealed. Checkposts have been established at Khodiyar Checkpost, Rupen Bandar Checkpost, Meethapur Highway Checkpost, and Limbdi Dwarka Road Check Post, where stringent arrangements for monitoring and checking of private vehicles, suspicious vehicles, and individuals are being implemented.

Narendra Modi

Meticulous Arrangements by Police Force Ahead of PM’s Visit

In anticipation of the long-awaited arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Devbhumi Dwarka district, meticulous arrangements for tight security and efficient logistics are underway. Under the guidance of Rajkot Range Inspector General Ashokkumar Yadav, regular meetings have been held to coordinate security measures at various venues including Dwarka, Bet Dwarka, Okha, Jagat Mandir, Bet Dwarka Temple, and Sudarshan Setu.

From other districts of the state, a total of 9 ACPs, 25 DCPs, 60 PIs, 70 PSI’s, along with 1500 police constables and GRD homeguards personnel have been deployed to strengthen security arrangements. They are expected to arrive starting from Saturday.

Special Arrangements in Bet Dwarka

Special Arrangements in Bet Dwarka

In Bet Dwarka, where the construction of Sudarshan Setu has been completed, comprehensive security arrangements have been made across the entire expanse of Bet Dwarka, from its inception to the end of the bridge’s inauguration and throughout the day of the Prime Minister’s visit. Police security arrangements, accompanied by regular boat patrolling, have been organized at all these locations. 

Additionally, stringent security measures with binocular surveillance will be maintained at the homes overlooking the sea, especially around the Bet Dwarka temple, to facilitate the Prime Minister’s visit.

During these days, people are advised not to gather near their homes overlooking the sea, and the police have arranged for the daily list of guests arriving at homes in Bet Dwarka to be checked regularly.

Regular Meetings and Enhanced Security in Devbhoomi Dwarka

In Devbhoomi Dwarka, officials and administrators have been engaging in regular meetings through the administrative system for the past few days. A special meeting was organized by the Chief Secretary, Shri Hareet Shukla, and the Collector, Mr. M. A. Pandya. Across various locations such as Signature Bridge, N.D.H. Ground, Dwarkadhish Temple, Bet Dwarka Temple, and others, robust police arrangements and demonstration events have been planned in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s visit.

During this comprehensive arrangement, it has been learned that the State Police Department’s assistance in development will also be present. Notably, for security arrangements, Devbhoomi Dwarka District Police Chief Nitesh Pandey, ASP Raghav Jain, DSP Hardik Prajapati, Samir Sarada, PI T.C. Patel, along with other officials and local police personnel, are actively involved in implementing these measures.

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