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Indecency Allegations: Court Adds Pen to Confront Accused ADM Ketaki Vyās, Deputy Mamlatdar J.D. Patel, and Private Contractor Harish Chavda. Charges Include Displaying Obscene Images, Destroying Evidence, and Section for Immoral Traffic Act Violation.

Anand: Officials Implicated in ‘Collector Honeytrap’ Case Suspended. Key accused, Interim ADM Ketaki Vyās, and Deputy Mamlatdar J.D. Patel have been suspended by the state government. Meanwhile, the police have added three more charges to the case. The court has summoned accused ADM Ketaki Vyās, Deputy Mamlatdar J.D. Patel, and private contractor Harish Chavda to face charges including displaying obscene images, destroying evidence, and violating the Immoral Traffic Act. Accused J.D. Patel allegedly provided a laptop and money counting machine to private contractor Harish Chavda, confiscated by Anand LCB. Interim Collector D.S. Gadhvi had also appealed to LCB.

On the other hand, Deputy Mamlatdar J.D. Patel is facing multiple allegations during the investigation. J.D. Patel has been accused of demanding 1 crore to return the land he had allegedly taken from an NRI after pushing them into non-availability. The NRI-owned 18 guntha (approximately 0.45 acres) land had been taken over by five individuals for non-utilization purposes. The NRI had been struggling with Collector’s office procedures for three years. When they approached J.D. Patel, an individual accompanying him accused Patel of demanding 1 crore from the NRI.


Deputy Mamlatdar J.D. Patel is under scrutiny for multiple allegations, including an accusation of demanding 1 crore rupees from an NRI to return a piece of land that had been seized by five individuals due to non-utilization. The NRI had faced bureaucratic obstacles for three years at the Collector’s office before approaching Patel. During the confrontation, an individual accompanying Patel accused him of making the 1 crore demand from the NRI.

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