Massive Scam: Jainam Developers Accused of 4.64 Crore Fraud in Dehgam Bungalow Scheme

Builders of Jainam Developers in Dahegam had sold the scheme for the construction of the fifth bungalow in Nandol village for Rs. 4 crore 64 lakh. When the Dahgam police noted the complaint lodged by Kalol Sagar Row House resident builder Jivanbhai Govabhai Rabari, all the partners of the Pancham Homes Developers had sold the land, which was NA for the purpose of residence no. 311 in Nandol village. At that time, 70 percent of the land belonged to Jivanbhai, while 30 percent belonged to partner Kamalesh Kantilal Patel. They had decided to build a total of 40 bungalows under the name “Pancham Homes” on the above land and completed the work of 20 bungalows on the eastern side, completed the construction work of 6 bungalows and left 14 bungalows incomplete.

Subsequently, land brokers come to know that the partners of Jainam Developers are seeking to buy back the scheme through land brokers. Therefore, in the year 2017, in a meeting held with the partners of Jainam Developers, Bhavin Mahendrabhai Barot (Brahmbhatt) (residing in Solankiwas, Barotvas, Dahegam) and Nirav Arvindbhai Shah (residing in 702, Gulabtawar, Sola Road, Ahmedabad), the deal was finalized at Rs. 3 crore 65 lakh.

Later, Jivanbhai gave half of the land to builder Bhavin Barot and Nirav Shah at the Dahgam Sub-Registrar’s office. When it came to the scheme of 20 bungalows, a development agreement was made with Jainam Developers at the Dahgam Sub-Registrar’s office, where Jivanbhai booked 10 bungalows. The remaining sale consideration amount was to be received by Jainam Developers upon signing the agreement. Later, Bhavin Barot and Nirav Shah separately agreed to pay back the money to Jivanbhai in installments. As per the agreement, out of the total of 3 crores 65 lakhs, they paid 20 lakhs via RTGS.

When the remaining amount of 3.45 crores was due, Jivanbhai gave Trikamlal Prajapati from Dahgam 30 lakhs. This means that Bhavin and Nirav accepted and transferred 50 lakhs in cash to Jivanbhai. Later, both gradually paid a total of 1 crore 13 lakhs 80 thousand, but they had not paid the remaining 2 crores 51 lakhs 20 thousand to Jivanbhai. Feeling deceived, both of them absconded, and as per the agreement, out of the total of 9 bungalows, they had not even paid Jivanbhai 2 crores 65 lakhs 59 thousand. Both individuals are accused of committing a fraud worth 4 crores 65 lakhs in the Dahgam police station.

Niyati Rao

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