Job Scam Alert: ‘Bunty-Babli’ Couple Extorts 1.05 Crores with Fake UK Visa Promise; Delhi Police Nabs One Perpetrator

Scam Alert: Fake Job Offer Leads to Visa Fraud

In a bizarre case, a couple named Banti-Babli has been caught in a web of deceit, attempting to scam a job seeker aspiring to obtain a UK visa. The accused, who lured the job seeker through Facebook, promised a job opportunity in the UK-based Wesum office in Surat and invited the individual to their office for further discussions.

Once at the office, the unsuspecting victim was coerced into signing an agreement to pay a hefty sum of 1.05 crores in exchange for facilitating a UK visa. The couple, identified as Yusuf Khan Pathan and his wife Riviya Khan Pathan, then took an advance payment of 5 lakhs from the victim.

However, the victim became suspicious and decided to investigate the matter, leading to the discovery of the fraudulent scheme. The couple, who had allegedly set up a bogus office, faces charges of visa fraud and duping individuals with false job promises. The case sheds light on the importance of verifying job offers and conducting thorough research before engaging in visa-related transactions.

Visa Scam Unveiled: 21 Individuals Cheated in Surat

In a shocking incident, the infamous duo Banti-Babli orchestrated a massive scam, deceiving a total of 21 job seekers, extracting a staggering 1.05 crore rupees collectively. After pocketing this substantial amount from unsuspecting job seekers, the fraudulent couple fled and went into hiding. The victims were promised job opportunities and enticed with the prospect of obtaining a UK visa.

The elaborate scheme involved the couple setting up a fake office in Wesum, Surat, where they coerced individuals into signing agreements to pay exorbitant sums in exchange for facilitating UK visas. Following their fraudulent activities, the couple disappeared, leaving the victims in financial distress.

The police, upon receiving complaints, swiftly investigated the matter. The accused, Yusuf Khan Pathan, is currently under arrest in Delhi, where he is facing charges related to the scam. The police, in collaboration with local authorities, successfully apprehended the accused while his wife, Riviya Khan Pathan, was caught attempting to flee and is now in custody.

This incident highlights the importance of job seekers exercising caution and thoroughly vetting job offers, especially those involving visa applications, to avoid falling victim to scams orchestrated by fraudulent individuals. Authorities are urging the public to report any suspicious activities and remain vigilant in the face of such scams.

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