MBA Grad Masterminds Extortion Scheme Impersonating Doctor & Diamond King

A young man from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, who works as a manager in a well-known telecom company and holds an MBA degree, has been arrested by cybercrime authorities. He pretended to be a businessman, doctor, and diamond tycoon on a matrimonial website to deceive a girl. He extorted 12.67 lakh rupees from her by threatening to release private photos and videos. The accused youth in this cybercrime case is Rohit Singh from Bhopal.

Contacted Me With Fake Id

Based on a complaint filed by a girl at Vadodara Cyber Crime Police Station, the accused, Rohit Rakesh Singh (33 years old), who hails from Huzur District in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, had contacted her using a fake identity on a matrimonial website back in July 2019. They engaged in conversations through phone calls and messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram, where he presented himself as Anurag Sharma. Over time, he gained her trust and persuaded her to consider marriage.

Threatened to Make My Photos and Videos Viral

Rohit Singh, using deceitful means, obtained photos and videos of my private moments and subsequently threatened to release them publicly. He also issued death threats to me. To further his extortion, he provided his bank account number and coerced me into transferring a total of Rs. 12,67,864 online, spanning from the year 2019 until the present. Rohit Singh engaged in fraudulent activities by establishing contact with me online.

Accused Caught From Bhopal

Due to the gravity of the crime, the Cyber Crime Police Station took swift action by dispatching a team to Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Through careful analysis and information from human sources, they were able to locate and apprehend the accused, Rohit Singh. Subsequently, he was presented in court and remanded into custody for a period of 5 days. The investigation into the matter is now underway. It is worth noting that the accused has an MBA qualification and is employed as a manager at a well-established telecom company.

The Modus Operandi of the Crime Was

The accused engaged in a pattern of deception where he created fake profiles on matrimonial websites and various social media platforms. He established friendships with girls, enticing them into the idea of marriage. Subsequently, he acquired photos and videos of their personal moments, using this material to threaten them with public exposure and then blackmailing them for money. The accused maintained a complex web of online identities, with over 4 WhatsApp accounts, 5 Instagram accounts, 2 profiles on matrimonial sites, 2 Snapchat accounts, and 4 Facebook accounts. Through these accounts, he came into contact with more than 150 girls, perpetrating his deceitful activities.

He Used to Trick Girls Into Extorting Money

The accused, Rohit Singh, employed a deceptive strategy by creating multiple profiles on social media platforms. In these profiles, he portrayed himself as the manager and proprietor of various companies, often boasting about salary packages in crores. Furthermore, he would persuade the girls to work as personal secretaries, promising them opportunities to enjoy personal moments. Under the guise of trust, he coerced these girls into sharing their photos and videos or engaged in video calls and secretly recorded them. Subsequently, he would use these compromising materials to blackmail the victims and extort money, threatening to make the private content public if they didn’t comply with his demands.

Asking for Rupees by Pretending to Be Poor or Lying

Using the identity of a doctor, he enticed girls by promising them job opportunities and then made inappropriate demands from them. He also adopted the persona of a respected “Diamond King” on various matrimonial websites. To further his deception, he created another fake ID posing as the mother of the Diamond King, engaging in conversations with the girls and persuading them into considering marriage with the Diamond King. However, in reality, he was the one behind both identities and deceived the girls by pretending to be the Diamond King. Additionally, he sometimes resorted to requesting money under different pretexts, feigning poverty or making false claims to manipulate the victims.

More Than 10 E-mail Ids Were Also Found.

The accused went to great lengths to deceive others. He would impersonate girls and engage in conversations with other girls and youths, making explicit demands under various pretenses. He would then use these demands and obtained photos and videos of their private moments to blackmail them. Additionally, he engaged in stalking by creating a fake profile, posing as a girl. He frequented expensive hotels for his activities, and authorities have discovered more than 10 email IDs associated with him. Furthermore, he used the dating app Tinder as part of his deceptive tactics.

More Than 150 Girls Were in Contact With

The Police Inspector at Vadodara Cyber Crime Police Station, Mr. B.N. Patel, revealed that the accused youth had been in contact with and engaged in chats with over 150 girls. He successfully extorted money from many of them. Following the complaint filed by the girl from Vadodara, the authorities swiftly apprehended the accused, Rohit Singh, from Bhopal. Subsequently, they initiated the process of questioning him after obtaining his remand.

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