Spiritual Leaders of Sanatan Dharma Present Petition to Vadodara Collector Advocating Preservation of Religious Faith

In a noteworthy development, a consortium comprising revered sadhus, saints, mahants, and various prominent religious organizations has submitted a formal petition at the Vadodara Collector’s office. This petition has arisen in response to the ongoing Salangpur Dham Takti dispute that has persisted for several days. In their petition, these spiritual leaders and organizations express their profound concern over the perceived infringement upon religious faith and call for a cessation of the dispute.

The petition was jointly submitted by Sri Madhya Gujarat Ramanand Virakta Mandal, Sanatan Sant Samiti, Karni Sena, Brahm Sena, and Samast Sanatan Dharmi, reflecting a collective commitment to safeguarding the sanctity of religious beliefs.

Central to their petition is the assertion that the ongoing dispute has caused harm to the religious sentiments of the community. They earnestly implore the authorities to heed their appeal and desist from any further actions that may exacerbate this situation.

Petition Raises Concerns of Historical Tampering with Sanatan Dharma and Urges Respect for Faith

In a recently submitted petition, a coalition of spiritual leaders, saints, mahants, and various religious organizations have voiced their deep-seated apprehensions regarding continuous alterations to the historical narrative of Sanatan Dharma. They contend that these alterations have adversely affected the faith of the Sanatan Dharma community and have contributed to the propagation of discord within society. Specifically, they assert that offensive narratives targeting the sacred symbols, gods, and goddesses of Sanatan Dharma have been disseminated through various sects that have thrived in Gujarat for an extended period.

Petition Raises Concerns of Historical Tampering

The petition raises concerns about the propagation of narratives that aim to incite enmity and discord by misrepresenting the symbols and deities of Sanatan Dharma. These narratives have, in some cases, portrayed the deities as subservient to the leaders of particular sects, effectively demeaning the religion’s sanctity.

The spiritual leaders and organizations behind the petition stress the importance of preserving the historical and religious heritage of Sanatan Dharma, which represents one of the world’s oldest and most diverse religious traditions. They call for a conscientious and respectful approach in addressing these matters and emphasize the need to protect the religious faith and sentiments of the Sanatan Dharma community.

Concerns Raised Over the Installation of Hanumanji Idol and Violation of Sanatan Dharma Traditions

Four months ago, a significant event unfolded with the installation of a colossal Hanumanji idol in the name of the King of Salangpur, sparking a series of objections and concerns. Numerous actions undertaken during this installation have been deemed objectionable, with a central issue being the deviation from established Puranas and traditions of Sanatan Dharma.

One particularly contentious matter pertains to the application of Tilak, where instead of the traditional Ram Bhadra Tilak, Hanumanji was tilaked by the Swaminarayan sect. This deviation has raised concerns among adherents of Sanatan Dharma, as it is viewed as a departure from established customs and an affront to their deeply held beliefs.

The petitioners contend that these actions constitute an attack on the faith of eternal believers and seek appropriate measures to address this matter. The significance of respecting the religious traditions and sentiments of the Sanatan Dharma community is underscored, with a call for corrective actions to uphold the sanctity of these beliefs.

The petition highlights the need for authorities to carefully examine the circumstances surrounding the installation of the Hanumanji idol and to take appropriate steps in response. This includes a thorough evaluation of the practices followed during the installation and a respectful consideration of the objections raised by the concerned spiritual leaders and organizations.

The Vadodara Collector’s office, upon receiving this petition, is expected to engage in a meticulous assessment of the situation, taking into account the concerns expressed by the petitioners. Their commitment to resolving this issue in a manner that respects religious faith and traditions is paramount.

Concerns Raised Over Murals and Plaques Impacting National Unity and Sanatan Dharma Faith

A matter of grave concern has arisen regarding murals and plaques placed on the platform beneath a statue, intended for exhibition purposes. It is alleged that these depictions have inadvertently undermined the unity of the nation. Within these scenes, Hanumanji is portrayed as a servant of Swami Sahajananda, saluting or serving Swami Sahajananda’s parents. This portrayal has raised concerns that Hanumanji’s sanctity has been compromised, causing deep offense to the beliefs of Sanatan Dharma.

The petitioners contend that such depictions can be perceived as insulting and potentially divisive, as they alter the traditional narrative and reverence associated with Hanumanji within the Sanatan Dharma tradition. Moreover, it is alleged that these actions may have the unintended consequence of harming the unity of the nation, as they can be viewed as an affront to the majority society’s faith.

Furthermore, the petitioners assert that these actions constitute a tampering with history and a distortion of the beliefs of the people of Bahulak Sanatan Dharma, which is a matter of great concern.

Shastri Keur Bhatt Expresses Strong Opposition Over Anti-Religious Plaques and Swaminarayan Sect’s Actions

In a statement, Shastri Keur Bhatt conveyed their resolute opposition to recent developments surrounding the Salangpur Dham and the installation of plaques deemed to be anti-religious in nature. This opposition has brought together a collective of sadhus, saints, and mahants, unified by a shared commitment to safeguarding the sanctity of Vedic Sanatan Dharma.

Shastri Keur Bhatt emphasized the imperative of defending their faith when it is under threat, stating that it is only natural for them to respond when the foundations of Vedic Sanatan Dharma are challenged. The contention revolves around the objectionable plaques affixed to the Kashtabhanjan temple in Salangpur Dham, which are perceived as detrimental to the beliefs of the Sanatan Dharma community.

The statement further highlighted instances where Hindu deities have been opposed and demeaned by the Swaminarayan sect, prompting strong opposition from those who uphold the Vedic policy and principles. Shastri Keur Bhatt affirmed their commitment to continuing their opposition in alignment with the Ravana policy, rooted in the Vedic tradition.

Outcry Over Sculptures at Salangpur Hanumanji Temple Triggers Strong Reactions from Hindu Organizations

The recent developments surrounding sculptures beneath the grand statue of the King of Salangpur at the Salangpur Hanumanji Temple have provoked a strong reaction from Hindu organizations. The situation has escalated to such an extent that it has garnered attention from Mahendra Singh Rathod, the National Spokesperson of Karni Sena, who labeled the actions as an attack on Sanatan Dharma by educated saints.

Mahendra Singh Rathod pointed out that this incident is the 175th in a series of perceived missteps, and this particular occurrence involves the placement of a plaque aimed at making a devotee of Hanumanji. He highlighted the unity of Bhudevs, Sadhus, and Kshatriyas in their response to the situation, signaling a collective effort to address what they view as a challenge to their faith.

Rathod underscored the expectation from the government to treat this perceived anti-national act with the seriousness it deserves, indicating the gravity of the matter in the eyes of Hindu organizations.

The root of the issue lies in the sculptures beneath the Salangpur Hanumanji Temple’s King of Salangpur statue. One such sculpture depicts Lord Swaminarayan standing while Hanumanji is shown bowing to him. This portrayal has sparked strong objections and outrage among Hindu organizations, with calls for the removal of these murals. Prominent among those demanding action is the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which has taken a vocal stance against the depictions.

This controversy highlights the importance of engaging in a constructive dialogue that respects the diverse beliefs and traditions within society while striving for a harmonious coexistence. The calls for action from Hindu organizations emphasize the need for sensitivity and understanding when it comes to matters of faith and tradition.

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