Medha Patkar Sentenced to 5 Months in Jail: Fined ₹10 Lakhs in Defamation Case Against Delhi’s LG VK Saxena

Medha Patkar Sentenced to 5 Months in Jail

Delhi’s Saket court has sentenced activist Medha Patkar to 5 months in jail in a criminal defamation case filed by Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena. Patkar was accused of issuing a press release against the Lieutenant Governor and attempting to damage his reputation among the public. Additionally, the court has ordered Patkar to pay ₹10 lakh to Vinai Saxena as compensation for the defamation.

Medha Patkar’s Response to the Verdict

Following the court’s decision, Medha Patkar responded, “Truth can never be defeated. We did not attempt to defame anyone. We simply work for the cause. We will challenge this decision in higher courts.” Patkar is associated with the ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan.’ On June 7, the court had found Patkar guilty and set July 1 as the date for sentencing. The court previously stated that Patkar’s statement, which labeled Saxena as a coward instead of a patriot and accused him of involvement in a hawala transaction, was not just defamatory but designed to incite negative perceptions.

Legal Battle Since 2000

The legal battle between Patkar and Saxena has been ongoing since 2000 when Patkar filed a claim against Saxena for publishing advertisements against her and the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA). Saxena, in turn, filed two cases against Patkar for making derogatory remarks against him on a TV channel and issuing defamatory statements to the press. After 23 years, the judgment has now been delivered against Medha Patkar.

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