Tragic Discovery: Missing Child Salim Found Dead in 35-Foot High Tank, Mother Found Son’s Body

In a distressing incident unfolding in Khodvadari village of Bhavnagar district, a heinous crime has shocked the community. A helpless child from a laborer family fell victim to unknown assailants who abducted and murdered the innocent soul. The perpetrators callously disposed of the child’s body in a water tank, towering 30 to 35 feet high, before fleeing the scene. 

The village is now engulfed in profound grief and anger, as the horrifying nature of the crime reverberates throughout the community. Authorities are under immense pressure to swiftly apprehend the culprits and deliver justice for the devastated family. This tragic event underscores the urgent need for enhanced safety measures and vigilant community efforts to protect vulnerable individuals from such atrocities.

Father Searches for Missing Son: A Heartbreaking Tale from Khodvadari Village

On April 10th, Salim’s father arrived in Khodvadari village in search of his son. According to the comprehensive details available, Salim’s mother, Subhanbanu, along with her husband and two sons and a daughter, reside in the Jusb Bagh in the city of Gariyadhar, located in the Taluka of Gariyadhar. 

Subhanbanu’s mother, however, resides in Khodvadari village. On the aforementioned date, Salim, accompanied by his mother Subhanbanu and his younger brother, embarked on a journey to Khodvadari village. Upon arrival, Salim continued to accompany his mother to work while staying at his grandmother’s house.

File photo of deceased Salim.

Salim Goes Missing While Playing: Panic Grips Khodvadari Village

Amidst playful activities in the village, Salim went missing. During this time, Salim was engaged in play with other children in the village. As the afternoon approached and Salim didn’t return home, Subhanbanu grew concerned and set out to search for him. 

However, as Salim’s whereabouts remained unknown, she reached out to her husband, Jusbano, suspecting that Salim might have gone missing. Without delay, Jusbano, along with his wife, relatives, and other villagers, rushed to Khodvadari village to begin the search for Salim. 

Despite their efforts, the search yielded no trace of Salim by the end of the night. Subsequently, Subhanbanu filed a complaint at the Gariyadhar police station suspecting foul play behind her son Salim’s disappearance.

All Efforts in Vain: Salim Remains Unfound

Despite exhaustive searches, the child could not be located. The Gariyadhar police station took the report of the abduction seriously, focusing keenly on the entire matter. Alongside, the youth of Khodvadari village tirelessly scoured day and night for the past two days. 

They meticulously combed through the surrounding areas, including village wells, riversides, and remote locations, yet no trace of Salim was found.

Salim's dead body was found from this tank.

Discovery of Body in 35-Foot Tank

The gruesome discovery of a body in a water tank, measuring 35 feet in height, sent shockwaves through the village. In the early hours of the previous night, residents found a child’s footwear and clothing beneath an overhead tank, indicating a possible tragedy. 

Upon investigation, authorities recovered the lifeless body of the abducted child from the tank, which was partially filled with water. Promptly, a police team rushed to the scene, retrieving the body and initiating further investigations. The body was transferred to Bhavnagar Civil Hospital for post-mortem examination, while efforts to apprehend the perpetrators intensified.

Family Members Confirm Child’s Murder

The entire village of Pagla is once again enveloped in mourning as the family of laborers grapples with the grim reality of their child’s murder. Numerous questions arise as to who could commit such a heinous act and for what reason. 

It has been reported that the child’s father and grandfather have stated that their son was murdered by unknown individuals, who subsequently dumped the body in the tank and fled. The fact that the child could not have reached a height of 30 feet from the ground on his own, coupled with the fear of being apprehended after the abduction, suggests that the perpetrators may have committed the murder and then disposed of the body in the remote tank. 

Authorities have indicated that the initial focus of the investigation will be on individuals known to the family or the child’s father.

Superintendent of Police

What Does the Superintendent of Police Say?

Bhavnagar SP Dr. Harshad Patel has informed that two days ago, a 9-year-old child went missing from Khodvadri village in Gariyadhar taluka. Upon receiving the information, the police conducted an investigation. Today, during the investigation, a body was found in a critical condition. The police have sent the body for a post-mortem examination at Sir T. Hospital.

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