Pre-Birthday Surprise: PM Modi Dominates World Leader Rankings with 76%

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s global stature has yet again been brought to the forefront as he clinches the coveted top position in a recent international survey assessing global leader approval ratings. In a resounding testament to his leadership, Prime Minister Modi garners an impressive 76% approval rating, setting him apart from his global peers by a considerable margin. This survey, conducted by the esteemed decision intelligence company Morning Consult, reaffirms Prime Minister Modi’s standing as a world-renowned statesman.

The survey encompassed a diverse and extensive cohort of respondents hailing from various corners of the globe, providing a comprehensive assessment of leadership across multiple dimensions, including governance, economic policies, diplomacy, and crisis management. Prime Minister Modi’s commanding approval rating reflects the widespread support and admiration for his multifaceted leadership.

In the latest global leader approval survey conducted by Morning Consult, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese secured the fifth position with a commendable 48% approval rating. This rating reflects the substantial support and confidence in his leadership on the international stage.

Following closely behind, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Mello occupies the sixth position with a respectable 42% approval rating. His leadership has earned recognition and respect on a global scale.

Meanwhile, United States President Joe Biden ranks seventh with a 40% approval rating. President Biden’s leadership, though esteemed, places him behind several other world leaders in this survey.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak rounds off the notable leaders on this list, securing the fifteenth position with a 27% approval rating. While Prime Minister Sunak’s leadership is acknowledged, the survey results indicate a lower approval rating compared to some of his global counterparts.

Top Leader List

In the June 2023 edition of the Global World Leaders List, Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued to hold the top position, although his approval rating experienced a marginal decline compared to the previous list. In the previous survey, conducted earlier, Prime Minister Modi received an impressive 78% approval rating, whereas in the latest survey, his approval rating stands at 76%, reflecting a 2% decrease. Nevertheless, this reaffirms his enduring popularity and global standing as a prominent statesman.

United States President Joe Biden maintained his position in seventh place in the June 2023 list, indicating the stability of his leadership approval rating over this period.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, on the other hand, ranked 12th in the latest survey. While his leadership is acknowledged, the survey results indicate a moderate approval rating compared to other global leaders.

The ‘Global Leader Approval Rating Tracker,’ released by the decision intelligence company Morning Consult on September 14, is a valuable tool that provides insights into the approval ratings of global leaders. The data for this tracker was collected during the period of September 6 to 12, offering a timely snapshot of public sentiment regarding leaders from 22 countries, the majority of which are members of the G20.

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