Young Women Hit by Dumper in Patan: Tragic Road Crossing Incident Leads to Fatalities and Severe Injuries

Two young women were crossing the road at Siddhapur intersection in Patan on Sunday when they were hit by a speeding dump truck. The dump truck driver, who was driving recklessly, ran over both women. One of the women had her head crushed by the truck’s wheel, and the other suffered serious injuries. Both women were immediately rushed to the nearby Khanagi Hospital for urgent medical care. The incident occurred in the presence of several onlookers, including maternal relatives of the victims.

Bus Stand Bound, Young Women Face Fatal Accident

Dump truck drivers constantly pose a threat to the safety of road users on the reti-filled roads above Patan city and the high-level highways in the district. Incidents of reckless driving leading to fatalities have not been curbed so far. Meanwhile, on Sunday morning at Siddhapur intersection, two young women from Khanpurda village were heading towards the new bus stand to catch a bus for a wedding.

Young Woman Trapped Under Dump Truck’s Tire

During the process of crossing the four roads at Siddhapur, a dump truck driver from Siddhapur, maneuvering the vehicle arrogantly, lost control of the steering. Consequently, a young woman got trapped under the tire of the dump truck in a freak accident. The impact of the collision caused serious injuries to her chest and head, resulting in her immediate demise. Another young woman also suffered severe injuries, and local residents rushed her to Khanpurda’s hospital for urgent medical attention.

Both Victims Were En Route to a Wedding

According to initial information, both victims, Dipika Ben Hargovandas Parmar (24 years old) and Sunita Ben Parmar (30 years old), were leaving their homes in Khanpurda to attend a wedding in a nearby village. They were trying to cross the roads towards the bus stand at Siddhapur to catch a bus when they met with an unforeseen accident. Dipika Ben lost her life due to the incident, while Sunita Ben is currently receiving critical care for her serious injuries at the hospital.

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