Tragic On-Duty Shooting: Policeman Ends Life, Leaves Wife and 3 Children in Crisis

In the city of Vadodara, a young man serving in the SRP Group 1 allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself with his service rifle during his duty. This incident has left the family in deep mourning. The deceased SRP personnel had been performing duty for several years. It is said that due to a prolonged illness, he was suffering for the last 13-14 years. The family mentioned that this severe illness had taken a toll on him. Currently, the body of the SRP personnel is undergoing a post-mortem examination at SSG Hospital.

Suicide During Duty

In the village of Fatepura in Narmada district, Pravinbhai Bariya, who had been serving in SRP for the past 28 years, tragically ended his life with his service rifle. Family members say that he had been suffering from an illness for the past 13-14 years, and this illness had caused him great suffering. The post-mortem of the SRP personnel has been conducted in Sayaji Hospital. The true cause of this suicide is deeply rooted in his prolonged struggle with the illness. Pravin Bariya, the deceased SRP personnel, had been serving at the SRP campus in Lalbagh city for the past 28 years and had been struggling with illness for 14 years. He tragically ended his life with his service rifle during his duty. This painful illness had taken a toll on his mental and physical health. He leaves behind a wife and three dependent children. The grief-stricken family is coping with this tragic loss, and the post-mortem process is ongoing at SSG Hospital.

Final Rites After Post-Mortem

The deceased SRP personnel, Pravin Bariya, will be laid to rest in his native village of Fatepura in Narmada district after the post-mortem procedure is completed at SSG Hospital.

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