Rainfall in Afghanistan Causes Over 315 Deaths, 1600 Injured and 2000 Homes Destroyed

Due to heavy rainfall in Afghanistan for the past two weeks, over 315 people have died. Taliban officials say the death toll could rise. According to American media CNN, the World Food Programme (WFP) reported on May 12 that the most damage occurred in Badghis, Ghor, Baghlan, and Herat.

Casualties and Destruction Increase

1600 people have been injured and over 2000 houses have collapsed due to the heavy rainfall. WFP’s social media posts indicated sudden devastation across Afghanistan, with Baghlan experiencing the highest casualties.

Urgent Rescue Efforts in Baghlan

Over 100 people have been injured in Baghlan. Officials stated that the road leading to Baghlan has been washed away, causing delays in relief efforts. The military has been deployed to evacuate people from there.

Air Force Called in for Assistance

The Taliban’s Ministry of Protection announced on May 11 that the Air Force has been deployed to evacuate people from Baghlan. Meanwhile, the Taliban government of Afghanistan has urged international organizations to provide assistance without delay, warning of thousands more deaths if aid is not provided.

Emergency Situations Across Most Afghan Provinces

According to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), most provinces of Afghanistan are in a state of emergency. Various emergency teams are engaged in relief operations.

Humanitarian Crisis Intensifies

IRC Director Salma Ben Issa stated that a humanitarian crisis has arisen. The people of Afghanistan were already facing challenges since the beginning of this year due to earthquakes. Now, they have been pushed further into poverty.

Electricity and Food Shortages

Many regions of Afghanistan have been without electricity for two weeks. People lack means to buy food. Last month alone, heavy rainfall and flooding in Helmand and Kajaki districts of Afghanistan led to the collapse of houses, resulting in numerous deaths.

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