Rajkot Murder Mystery: Woman Found Dead at Home, Husband Suspected, Police Investigation Ongoing

In a tragic turn of events, the lifeless body of a woman residing near Shivsagar Park on Jamnagar Road in Rajkot city was discovered at her residence. The woman’s body bore signs of violence, raising suspicions of homicide. Police initiated a thorough investigation, questioning the deceased woman’s husband to gather pertinent information. However, the couple’s 3-year-old daughter, who was seated beside her mother’s body for nearly 6 hours, has not been able to provide any conclusive details to the authorities.

Murder Suspect Found Near Deceased Woman’s Body

Hemaliben Alpeshbhai Varu (35 years old), a resident near Shivsagar Park behind the new court building on Jamnagar Road, was found in a distressed state upon discovering a body within her home. University police and the Crime Branch immediately rushed to the scene upon receiving the report. It was determined that the suspect linked to the murder was found adjacent to the deceased woman’s body.

Family Dynamics Unravel in Rajkot Murder Case

According to police sources, Hemaliben and her husband Alpesh Varu worked in separate factories. The couple has a 3-year-old daughter. Alpesh’s mother lived with them. However, when a death occurred in Kesha’s family on Wednesday morning, Alpesh’s mother left for the funeral early in the morning, and the couple escorted her to the bus station. Alpesh Varu informed the police that when he returned home with his daughter around eight o’clock at night, he found the lifeless body of his wife, Hemalibhen, and the house was ransacked.

Police took help of dog squad for investigation

Husband’s Whereabouts Questioned in Rajkot Murder Case

Alpesh Varu, the husband of Hemaliben, was interrogated by the police regarding the circumstances surrounding her murder. Alpesh stated that he had left home around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Hemaliben and their 3-year-old daughter were at home, and when he returned at 8 o’clock in the evening, he discovered his wife’s lifeless body, with their daughter by her side. Upon police arrival, there were no visible signs of injury or disturbance on the child’s body or clothing. 

The fact that the child remained alone by the body for about 5 hours hasn’t provided any clues to the police. Concerns about Alpesh’s whereabouts while taking his daughter out are under scrutiny, and police are focusing on reviewing CCTV footage to ascertain his movements.

Police reached the spot and conducted an investigation

Police Investigate Domestic Dispute Angle in Rajkot Murder Case

The police became increasingly suspicious after questioning Alpesh about his statements, prompting them to intensify their interrogation. On another front, the authorities received confidential information suggesting a possible altercation between Hemaliben and her husband Alpesh in the morning. Concerns deepen regarding Alpesh’s involvement in his wife’s murder, especially with the revelation of possible domestic discord. Police are diligently exploring various leads and angles to unravel the truth behind Hemaliben’s tragic demise.

People gathered from nearby houses

Police Uncover Signs of Forced Entry and Robbery in Rajkot Murder Case

The lifeless body of Hemaliben was discovered within her residence, accompanied by the telltale signs of foul play, including visible injuries indicative of homicide. Furthermore, police apprehended a suspect associated with the murder, noting the presence of incriminating evidence near the body. The household had been ransacked, hinting at a potential burglary gone awry. 

Crowds of people had gathered following the incident.

Authorities suspect that the perpetrators, possibly intending robbery, encountered resistance from Hemaliben, leading to her tragic demise. The steadfast suspicion remains that if the assailants were solely intent on robbery, they wouldn’t have left behind the murder weapon. Moreover, any theft or burglary from another household would have been subjected to primary investigation as well.

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