Explosive Salon Clash Erupts Over Our Girl: Mohsin’s Outburst Over Remarks on Tara’s Relationship Sparks Controversy on Sindhubhavan Road

In a complex on Sindhubhavan Road in Ahmedabad, a viral video shows a 24-year-old woman being brutally assaulted by a man. Not only did he physically attack her, but he also ripped her clothes, leaving her in a vulnerable state. The young man continuously subjected the woman to a cruel beating for over 4 minutes. Following this incident, the young woman filed a police complaint against her assailant, identified as Mohsin. It was revealed that the woman and Mohsin were business partners in a ladies’ salon, where a disagreement escalated into this violent altercation. During the confrontation, when the woman got angry, Mohsin inquired about her relationship with Tara, saying, ‘What’s your relationship with Tara?’ in a fit of rage, suggesting a potential motive behind the attack.

But then, He Directly Wanted to Attack Me.

The young woman had earlier mentioned that on the 25th, we had jointly established a ladies’ salon as partners. Disputes arose between us, leading to a loss of 4-5 thousand rupees. I got angry with a girl, which made Mohsin very angry, and he asked me, ‘Why do you get so angry over a girl?‘ Consequently, I inquired if he had a relationship with his daughter, and he got so enraged that he wanted to harm me physically. So, I told him not to use force against me, not to hurt me, and to communicate calmly. However, he still physically assaulted me.

I had also forgiven him.

The young woman further revealed that later, the battery of my phone had run out, causing it to switch off. Nevertheless, he continued to apologize to me for hitting me afterward. Therefore, I did not go to the police station, as I had already forgiven him. However, when the video of the assault went viral, the police got wind of it, and they have been calling me on my phone since this morning.

I still Don’t Seek to File a Complaint Today.

The young woman further revealed that I still don’t seek to file a complaint today, I don’t want anyone to take action. However, everyone has made it clear to me that what happened today should not happen again with me tomorrow. Everyone has supported me, so I have filed a complaint. Now, it seems necessary because there is someone who is helping me. Behind me are the police and the media for support.

What did ASIP S.M. Patel say? ASIP S.M. Patel mentioned that in the Time Square building on Sindhubhavan Road in the Bodakdev Police Station area, a woman who worked in a spa in partnership with a person named Mohsin Rangrej. There was a dispute with a woman working in the spa. In this dispute, the accused verbally confronted the complainant and physically assaulted her, tearing her clothes. The dispute involves a business partnership between the complainant and the accused. The complainant has not mentioned any other relationship with the accused so far. The incident took place on the day of the complainant’s wedding, and they were stopped there until Moda. Some employees were present, and after that, the complainant was physically assaulted by the accused.

Until now, there hasn’t been any license obtained for the spa, as mentioned by ASIP S.M. Patel. However, these individuals have registered their information with the corporation and have provided employee details as well. Both the complainant and the accused are business partners in the spa and salon. The complainant has not mentioned any other relationship with the accused so far. Currently, the accused’s family members are being questioned, and a technical investigation will also be conducted. The accused’s name is Mohsin Rangrej, and he resides in Danilimda. The process of apprehending him is underway. The complainant has not mentioned any previous criminal activities related to him.

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