Security Breach at Sevasi’s Amba Mata Temple in Vadodara: Smugglers Loot Donation Box, Prompting Police Investigation

Vadodara city district is currently grappling with an upsurge in criminal activities as the cold weather sets in, with traffickers spreading fear throughout the region. Even places of worship, such as the revered Ambe Mata Temple in Sevasi, have not been spared from the nefarious activities of these criminals. In a recent incident, smugglers targeted the temple, making off with INR 17,000 from the donation box. The taluka police have responded swiftly by registering a case against the unidentified traffickers and initiating an active search operation.

Unidentified Smugglers Target Ambe Mata Temple in Sevasi Village

In a distressing turn of events, the tranquil surroundings of Sevasi village, located on the outskirts of the city, were disrupted as unidentified smugglers targeted the revered Ambe Mata Temple. The temple, situated in Vankar Vas, is under the dedicated care of Mahendrabhai Chavda, a resident of Vankar Vas. On January 8, criminals broke the lock of the temple’s main door and pilfered a sum of 17 thousand rupees from the donation box within the sacred premises. The news of this incident has reverberated throughout the village, causing concern and distress among the residents, particularly those in Vankar Vas.

Mahendrabhai Chavda Lodges Formal Complaint with Taluka Police Station

In response to the distressing incident at the Ambe Mata Temple in Vankar Vas, Sevasi village, Mahendrabhai Lalubhai Chavda, the designated custodian of the temple, has taken swift action by filing a formal complaint at the Taluka Police Station. Mr. Chavda has detailed the unfortunate events that transpired on January 8, wherein unknown smugglers targeted the sacred temple, breaking the lock of the main door and absconding with approximately 17 thousand rupees from the donation box.

Police Initiate Investigation into Ambe Mata Temple Theft, Stir in Village

The taluka police have embarked on a comprehensive investigation, spurred by Mahendrabhai Chavda’s detailed complaint outlining the break-in and theft at the Ambe Mata Temple. With the assumption that there is an individual or group involved in this criminal act, law enforcement authorities are meticulously examining the available evidence and conducting inquiries to identify and apprehend the responsible party. The investigation aims to uncover the circumstances surrounding the incident and bring those accountable to justice.

The incident has sparked a collective response from the villagers, who, upon learning of the temple theft, rushed to the sacred site. This show of solidarity underscores the importance of the Ambe Mata Temple within the community and highlights the shared commitment to safeguarding its sanctity. The cooperation and support of the villagers play a crucial role in providing additional information to aid the police investigation.

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