Somnath to Mahisagar: Advocating Old Age Pension & Education Yatra in Lunavada

On September 17, 2023, a significant event unfolded in Mahisagar district, Gujarat. Four education yatras, organized jointly by the All India Primary Teachers’ Association and the Gujarat State Primary Teachers’ Association, culminated in Mahisagar district. These yatras had commenced their journey from Somnath, highlighting the demand to implement the Old Age Pension Scheme.

The teachers from Mahisagar district extended a warm welcome to the yatras through a grand bike rally. Adding to the significance of the event, the dignitaries present, including Digvijaysinh Jadeja, the head of the Gujarat State Primary Teachers’ Association, and Minister Satish Patel, marked the occasion with traditional tilak (vermilion mark) as a symbol of their support.

This gathering served as a symbol of unity and advocacy, demonstrating the commitment of educators towards important social causes such as pension rights and education. It showcased the power of collective action in advancing the welfare of both teachers and the community.

Following this, a gathering was held at the community hall of the Bavan Patidar Society. This event, hosted by the Education Yatra Sabha, aimed to intensify the movement for the implementation of the Old Age Pension Scheme and outline the roadmap for upcoming initiatives. Teachers rallied with fervor, raising slogans such as “We Want O.P.S.” and “O.P.S. Until We Get It,” echoing throughout the meeting.

The assembly was attended by prominent figures, including Shashikantbhai, the leader of the Mahisagar District Primary Teachers’ Association, and Minister Mansukhbhai, along with representatives from the Secondary and Higher Secondary Teachers’ Associations, district officials, and taluka leaders. A substantial number of educators and teaching staff participated, underscoring the collective strength of their cause.

Niyati Rao

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