Emotional Mishap: 23-Foot Ganesha Idol Falls in Vadodara

Today, in the Gotri area of Vadodara, a 23-foot-tall Ganesha idol was installed by the Ayodhya Ganesh Youth Group. During this process, due to heavy rains and waterlogging on Divyapura Court Road caused by large potholes, the idol of Lord Shriji fell and got damaged. The road was filled with water due to heavy rainfall, and there were potholes of various sizes, creating an enthusiastic crowd to carry the Ganesha idol. Suddenly, on the road, Lord Ganesha fell, and tears welled up in the eyes of the devotees. People also expressed anger towards the corporation’s inefficiency in road maintenance.

Ganpati Idol by Gotri Ayodhya Youth Group

A 23-foot-tall Ganesha idol was installed, and people gathered in large numbers, expressing their frustration over the damaged idol caused by the removal of the previous Ganesha idol due to potholes on the road. It’s noteworthy that only the Divyapura Road in the city has been affected in this manner. Several areas in Vadodara have seen significant waterlogging due to heavy rainfall, and the lack of work on road repairs by the municipality has caused inconvenience to the public. The installation of the damaged idol was carried out before the start of the Ganesh festival today.

Public Outrage Against the Municipality

Significantly, Vadodara witnessed heavy rainfall throughout the day, leading to extensive waterlogging. Roads in various areas, including Dandiabazaar, Raopura, Mandavi, were inundated with water. Due to the waterlogging and the continuous pouring of rain, devotees faced difficulties in reaching the idol installation venue. Despite the challenging conditions, the rituals for Lord Shriji’s installation continued in Vadodara until late at night, while the Ganesha idol by the Gotri Ayodhya Youth Group was transported in a trolley.

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