Youth Suspected of Strangulation: Murdered Body Discovered on Canal Road in Dindoli, Surat; DCP Joins Investigation

The discovery of a murdered body on Canal Road in the Dindoli Extension area of Surat has stirred up a frenzy of concern. There are apprehensions about the possibility of the victim being strangled, adding to the gravity of the situation. 

On the other hand, police contingents rushed to the scene to investigate the incident. Authorities have taken the victim’s body to the hospital for post-mortem examination as part of their ongoing investigation into the matter.

The police suspect that the youth was killed.

Youth’s Body Found with Injury Marks in Surat

According to available information, the body of a youth was discovered on Canal Road, heading towards Madhuram Circle, in Dindoli, Surat. Senior officials, along with a police contingent, reached the scene to investigate further. During the initial examination by the police, injury marks were found on the youth’s body. 

Concerns have arisen about the possibility of strangulation. Currently, efforts are underway to identify the deceased youth. His body has been taken to SMIMER Hospital for a post-mortem examination. 

The investigation into the matter involves personnel from the Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), and staff from the Surat Crime Branch.

High officials rushed to the spot.

Identification Process Underway for the Youth

Deputy Commissioner of Police Bhagirath Gadhvi has informed that upon receiving information about the discovery of the deceased youth’s body, a police team promptly arrived at the scene. Several injury marks were observed on the youth’s body. 

Currently, his body is being sent to the hospital for a post-mortem examination. Efforts are underway to identify the deceased youth, and investigations are ongoing in this regard.

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