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X Takes Action: Bans 2 Lakh Indian Accounts for Encouraging Sexual Abuse and Terrorism in February-March

Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, has banned over 2 lakh accounts, aiming to discourage racial discrimination and child sexual abuse. The company disclosed this information in a monthly report published according to the Information Technology (IT) Rules 2021. 

According to the report, between February 26 and March 25, a total of 213,862 accounts were banned. This figure includes 1,235 accounts banned for promoting terrorism in the country through the micro-blogging platform.

Resolution of 86 Complaints by X

Between February 26 and March 25, X addressed 86 complaints, which were related to appeals against suspended accounts. Among these, after reviewing 7 accounts, their suspensions were lifted. 

According to the company’s decision, the remaining reported accounts will continue to remain suspended.

Nature of Complaints Received by X

During this same period, X received a total of 5,158 complaints. The majority, with 3,074 complaints, were related to instances of violence, making it the most reported issue from India. 

Following this, 953 complaints were related to sensitive adult content, 412 were related to hateful conduct, and 359 complaints were related to harassment and bullying.

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