Tragic Accident Claims 9 Lives as Truck Collides with Car, Full of Mourners: Funeral Procession of 7 Friends Unites Entire Village

In a heart-wrenching incident in Jhalawar district of Rajasthan, a collision between a trolley and a van resulted in the untimely demise of nine individuals, while one person sustained injuries. The van, carrying ten passengers, was returning from a wedding ceremony in Dungri (Khilchipur) in Madhya Pradesh. 

The accident occurred early Sunday morning on the Bhopal Road within the jurisdiction of Aklera Police Station. Upon receiving information, the police rushed to the scene, and the injured were taken to nearby community health center. 

Unfortunately, doctors declared nine passengers dead on arrival. Meanwhile, arrangements are being made for the final rites of the deceased, who were close friends. The entire village of Hiebkhe mourns as seven bodies are being cremated together.

The 7 people who died were residents of the same area of ​​Akalera city.

Tragic Reunion After Wedding: Friends Meet Untimely End

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a group of friends, who had just celebrated a wedding together, met a tragic fate. According to reports, a wedding ceremony took place in a house in Aklera city. 

On Friday night, these friends traveled from Madhya Pradesh to Khilchipur area. After the festivities, ten friends were returning to Aklera in a Maruti van. Tragically, their journey was cut short on NH-52 near Khuri Pachola (Aklera), where their van collided head-on with a trolley.

The accident was so horrific that identifying the deceased became a daunting task. Meanwhile, authorities are interrogating the trolley driver and investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Police officials say that efforts were made to rush all of them to the hospital, but only one person survived the accident.

Tragic Loss of Lives in Accidental Mishap

In the sudden and tragic accident, the following individuals lost their lives: Ashok Kumar (24), son of Ghanshyam Bagri; Rohit (16), son of Nandkishor Bagri; Hemraj (33), son of Bansilal Bagri; Sonu (22), son of Mohanlal Bagri; Deepak (24), son of Jaylal Bagri; Ravi Shankar (25), son of Premchand Bagri; Rohit (22), Jagdish Bagri; and Ramkrishna (20), son of Premchand. Among them, seven were residents of Aklera city. 

Additionally, Harnawada Shahji (Baran), Rahul, son of Premchand (Sarola, Khanpur, Jhalawar), also succumbed to the accident.

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