Tragic Fire Incident Involving 150 Goats Claims Lives of Three, Including Child

A major accident occurred near Bamnovad, Modasa today. Suddenly, a truck carrying more than 150 goats caught fire, and three people, including a child, were severely injured. The truck loaded with goats caught fire, making it difficult for the trapped animals to escape. In the incident, more than 150 goats were burnt alive. The fire team from Modasa immediately reached the scene to control the fire.

Height Regulations for Transporting Livestock

The height regulations for transporting any goods vehicle are very important, as exceeding the permissible height can lead to major accidents. A similar major accident has occurred in Modasa taluka of the Aravalli district. Near Bamnovad village, a truck carrying goats suddenly caught fire. In such cases, the correct height of the vehicle should be maintained to avoid such major accidents.

Tragic Deaths Due to Attempt to Save Goats

The truck was completely engulfed in flames with around 150 goats trapped inside. Along with a child who was inside the truck to tend to the goats, three people were unable to escape the blaze, leading to the tragic deaths of all three.

Efforts to Control the Fire

The fire department of Modasa municipality was immediately informed about the incident, and municipal fire department officials, including Hemrajsinh Vaghela, along with staff, reached the accident site. The Modasa and Tintoi police also arrived at the scene and are conducting an investigation into the incident. Efforts are being made to bring the fire under control.

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