Vadodara Boat Tragedy: Ex-MLA Madhu Srivastav Reacts Furiously – Demands Accountability

A large number of people from the city rushed to the site of a boat accident at Vadodara’s Harani Motnath lake on Thursday. In the late night hours, the former BJP MLA from Waghodia, along with his supporters, also arrived at the scene. During a confrontation with a woman regarding the boat accident, the enraged former MLA, Madhu Srivastava, made a strong statement, saying, “Speak… who should I shoot? I’m Madhu Srivastava, I don’t forgive anyone.” This late-night video quickly went viral on social media.

Tragically, 14 lives were lost when the boat capsized in Harani Motnath lake on Thursday afternoon. Among the victims were 12 children and two teachers from New Sunrise School of Waghodia Road, who were on a picnic. This devastating incident sparked widespread outrage in the entire city, leading to large crowds gathering at Harani Motnath lake after news of the accident spread.

The former MLA arrived late at night, and alongside him, local political leaders, including the Chief Minister of the state, also reached the Harani Motnath Lake. In the late hours, former BJP MLA from Waghodia, Madhu Srivastava, arrived with activists. During this time, a woman passionately addressed the tragedy, asserting that it was not a natural event but a man-made disaster caused by human error. She emphasized that it was a consequence of systemic failures and questioned how long people could remain calm in the face of such incidents. Referring to previous incidents in Morbi and Taxila, she expressed doubts about any meaningful actions being taken. Despite the ex-MLA urging her to stay calm, the woman continued her presentation, prompting Madhu Srivastava to respond with arrogance, asking, “Tell me who should I shoot?

Social activist Chandrikabehan Solanki is reported to have introduced former MLA Madhu Srivastava, who arrived late at night on Harani Motnath Road amidst public outrage over the boat accident. The entire incident was captured on video and has since gone viral on social media. It’s worth noting that the boat accident in Harani Motnath lake has stirred significant anger and frustration among the local residents.

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