Tragic Discovery: Bodies of 2 Sisters and Children Found; Husband Abroad, 7 Accused, 6 Arrested in Murder Investigation

In a tragic incident unfolding in Nuwa village, situated within the jurisdiction of the Maulasar police station in Didwana district, two married sisters and their two children have lost their lives under suspicious circumstances. The lifeless bodies of all four victims were discovered in a room, lying on a bed. Notably, the bodies were found hanging from a noose, prompting a comprehensive investigation by law enforcement authorities to ascertain whether the incident was a case of murder or suicide.

Additionally, late on Friday night, authorities were alerted to the tragic incident by individuals associated with the women’s family. Responding promptly, the Maulasar police reached the scene of the incident and discovered the lifeless bodies of the two sisters, identified as Nazia (32) and Sajia (30). Regrettably, the bodies of Sajia’s two children, identified as daughter Kanishka (7) and son Aamir (4), were also found in the same room.

In the course of their investigation, the police took measures to document the scene by videographing the room. The recorded footage revealed the arrangement of the bodies within the room – the bodies of both children and one woman were discovered on the bed, whereas the body of the other woman was found below the bed. Subsequently, all four bodies were respectfully transferred to the mortuary of Bangar Hospital in Didwana.

Tragic Incident Unfolds in Nuwan Village: Didwana DSP Dharampal Poonia Provides Details

Tragic Incident Unfolds in Nuwan Village: Didwana DSP Dharampal Poonia Provides Details

Didwana’s Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Dharampal Poonia has disclosed pertinent information regarding a heart-wrenching incident that transpired in Nuwan village. The two deceased sisters, originally hailing from Singravat village in Didwana, located 129 kilometers away from Nagaur city, were married into the same family in Nuwan village within the Maulasar police station area. Notably, their husband is gainfully employed in Saudi Arabia. The distressing discovery of the lifeless bodies of both sisters, along with a 7-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy, was made late on Friday night in a room within their residence in Nuwan village.

Legal Proceedings Initiated as Pehar Side Lodges Murder Case Against In-Laws

Following the tragic incident in Nuwan village, the Pehar side, upon receiving information, promptly arrived at the scene. Taking decisive action, a murder case was registered against seven individuals from the deceased sisters’ in-laws, with six of them successfully apprehended. The ongoing efforts to locate the remaining individual, believed to be the mother-in-law, are underway. In the preliminary stages of the investigation, the circumstances surrounding the deaths are being treated with suspicion, prompting law enforcement to pursue the case as a potential murder. 

The police are diligently conducting a thorough investigation to unravel the complexities of this distressing event and ascertain the facts surrounding the deaths of the two sisters and their children.

Police Videography Reveals Disturbing Scene in Nuwan Incident

In a 44-second videography conducted by the police, a harrowing scene unfolds within the confines of a small room in Nuwan village. The footage captures the distressing aftermath of the incident, showcasing three lifeless bodies situated on a bed. Among them are the bodies of a woman and two children, creating a somber tableau of tragedy. Compounding the heart-wrenching discovery, the videography also reveals the presence of another woman’s body lying near the bed, adding to the gravity of the situation.

Kanishka studied in the same school as Nuwan, whereas Aamir was not admitted.

Tragic Loss of Nazia, Sazia, and Children Underlines Family’s Deep Sorrow

In a devastating turn of events, Nazia (32), wife of Salauddin, and Sazia Bano (30), wife of Liaqat Ali, along with Sazia’s children, Kanishka Bano (7) and Aamir (4), have lost their lives under suspicious circumstances. The two sisters, Nazia and Sazia, entered into matrimony in 2015, sharing a familial bond that extended beyond their marital ties. Notably, their in-laws co-resided with them in the same dwelling in Nuwan village.

Both sisters Nazia and Sajia lived separately from the family in their in-laws house in Nuwa.

The familial network of the deceased comprises two sisters and two brothers. The brothers, Azharuddin (26) and Ashfaq (22), are currently residing and working abroad. Meanwhile, the surviving sisters, Kherunnisa (35) and Anisha (23), grapple with the profound loss of their siblings. The parents of Nazia and Sazia, Samandar Khan (58) and Islam Bano (55), continue to reside in Singravat village.

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