6.70 Crore Fraudster Nabbed: Senior Citizen-Women Lured with High-Interest Investments, Arrested 1657 Km Away in Tamil Nadu

The accused, identified as Triputi, who was lured into offering a high-interest savings scheme to senior citizens and women under the name of South Commerce Private Limited, has been charged with a scam worth 6.70 crore rupees. In this case, the Vadodara Crime Branch has arrested a fugitive who was caught in Salamedu, Tamil Nadu, located 1657 km away from Vadodara.

Accused Formed a Scam

In the year 2016, the accused, Pravinchandra Harilal Shah (Residing behind Mahavir Park Society, S.B.I. Behind, Kaladharshan Char Rasta, Vadodara), Natarajan Poudaswami Mudaliyar (Residing behind Ramdevnagar Society, Sole’s Hospital Behind, Bapod, Vadodara), and Subedarsinghe Bhaga conspired to create the scam.

Fraud of 6.70 Crores

Under the name of South Commerce Private Limited, bank accounts were opened. In these bank accounts, the accused deposited a total of Rs. 6,70,76,251 as funds, collected from various complainants and other sources, as a form of deposits and various documents. Although a deposit agreement was made in the name of South Commerce Private Limited, the collected funds were not returned on time and led to the fraud.

Arrest of the Accused

The Vadodara Crime Branch’s ECO cell had initiated a search to apprehend the accused Natarajan Poudaswami Mudaliyar (Residing in Salamedu, Tamil Nadu). The team arrested him after capturing the accused Natarajan Poudaswami Mudaliyar, and they have begun further investigations in this case.

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