Vadodara Ganesh Mandal’s 8-Ft Shriji Idol Adorned with 100,000+ Incense Sticks

Vadodara, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and artistic vibrancy, is currently immersed in fervent preparations for the upcoming Ganeshotsav festival. In a testament to the city’s deep-rooted culture of innovation through art, the organizers of the Pragati Yuvaka Mandal, located in the Dandiabazar Piramita Road area, have undertaken a remarkable endeavor. They have intricately adorned an impressive 8-foot idol of Lord Ganesha, known affectionately as “Sriji,” using an astounding number of over one lakh incense sticks made from cow dung. This unique and spiritually charged idol, embellished with cow dung incense sticks, has quickly emerged as the focal point of devotion and admiration among the city’s devoted worshipers.

The Pragati Yuvak Mandal has dedicated countless hours of relentless effort to the annual installation of Lord Ganesha in Vadodara. This dedicated group comprises approximately 20 members, a diverse mix of individuals engaged in various professions and studies. Their commitment to the festival is truly commendable.

One of the distinctive features of their artistic expression is the innovative use of cow dung incense burners, crafted in a unique square shape, for adorning the Ganesha idol. This unconventional choice adds a special charm to the idol’s decoration, reflecting the Mandal’s creative approach.

Over the years, the Pragati Yuvak Mandal has consistently delivered Ganesha idols infused with diverse themes, showcasing their versatility and artistic vision. In the previous year, they captivated devotees with the installation of an idol inspired by Mumbai’s renowned Dagdu Seth Halwaiwala Ganesha, further solidifying their reputation for artistic excellence and devotion to Lord Ganesha.

8-Ft Shriji Idol Adorned with 100,000+ Incense Sticks

Manish Rana, a dedicated member of the Dandiabazar Pragati Yuvaka Mandal, shared insights into the remarkable decoration effort of their 8-foot Ganapati idol. Impressively, they have meticulously adorned the idol with an astonishing quantity of over one lakh incense sticks. This intricate and labor-intensive decoration project has been in progress for the past 45 days, underlining the Mandal’s unwavering commitment to perfection.

What sets their decoration apart is the ingenious use of cow dung-based incense sticks, meticulously attached to the Ganapati statue using Fevicol adhesive. This innovative approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also adds a deeper layer of spiritual significance to the idol’s adornment, showcasing the Mandal’s dedication to creating a truly unique and spiritually resonant centerpiece for the Ganeshotsav festival.

Manish Rana also highlighted the Mandal’s tradition of innovating and diversifying their decorations for Lord Ganesha’s statue. Since 1990, they have consistently embarked on unique and evolving decoration themes, demonstrating their creative dynamism and commitment to artistic excellence.

Their journey began with the elegant decoration of Ganesha using traditional oil lamps, known as Divasli. Subsequently, they explored various creative avenues, adorning the idol with candles, incense sticks, and even rakhi, each year infusing the celebration with fresh artistic concepts.

The anticipation is already building for next year’s festivities, as Manish Rana hinted at yet another distinctive decoration theme in the works. This commitment to continuous innovation not only keeps the tradition alive but also ensures that devotees and admirers can look forward to new and inspiring expressions of devotion and artistry each year.

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