Vadodara’s Facebook Offer Turns Honeytrap: Girl Calls Doctor Home for Massage, Fake Police Demand 10 Lakhs

In a distressing incident near Vadodara city, a young man employed as a medical officer in a private company has fallen prey to a heavy extortion scheme. The ordeal began when a young woman messaged the doctor on Instagram with a simple “HI” and shared her phone number for further communication regarding a massage. 

Subsequently, the doctor visited the woman’s residence for the massage, where he was ambushed by fake police officers while in a state of undress. The perpetrators attempted to blackmail the doctor by threatening to release nude photos and demanded a ransom of 10 lakh rupees. 

Finally, the doctor, along with three others, lodged a complaint with the police, leading to the apprehension of all involved in the extortion scheme. This incident highlights the vulnerability individuals face to deceptive tactics and emphasizes the importance of promptly seeking legal recourse against such criminal activities.

The girl's relatives gave a false identity to the police.

Facebook Request Leads to Exchange of Contact Information

In the New Sama area of the city, a 30-year-old doctor resides with his wife and family. He works as a medical officer in a local private company. 

Ten days ago, he received a friend request on Facebook from someone named Juhi Labana, which he accepted. Shortly after, she messaged him with a simple “HI” and expressed her need for a massage, asking if he could provide one. Along with this message, she also shared her mobile number.

Negotiating Massage Services Over WhatsApp

The doctor inquired about the price for a one-hour massage service. Juhi Labana quoted a price of one thousand rupees for the massage. After expressing his readiness to proceed with the arrangement, Juhi provided him with the address of a building located in the Sanskar Nagar area of ​​Gotri Extension. 

On the evening of April 11, 2024, at 8:00 PM, the doctor arrived at Juhi Labana’s residence to avail himself of the massage services.

Police seized the item.

Doctor Entrapped by Fake Police, Video Recorded

Upon reaching Juhi’s house, the doctor was immediately led by Juhi into her bedroom, under the pretext of preparing for the massage by removing his clothes. 

As the doctor was undressing, two individuals entered the room, one of whom identified himself as a police officer and began recording a video of the partially undressed doctor. This marked the beginning of an extortion attempt orchestrated by the impostors.

Extortion Attempt Under Fake Police Threats

Under the guise of being identified by the police, the doctor was exempted from the services by Juhi at Sagarita. The individual who arrived posing as the police informed Juhi Labana that illegal activities were allegedly being conducted in her home, with boys visiting during the night. Allegations against her had been filed by members of society. 

Threats to issue written complaints and initiate intimidating actions were made during this period. Fearing for his safety, the distressed doctor, in the midst of the situation, communicated with a person posing as the police, with whom he negotiated a demand for 10 lakh rupees to secure protection. 

Reluctant to comply, the doctor then contacted someone named Gohil Sahab from the “Duplicate Police”, as instructed by the fake police. Following this, the doctor was pressured to pay 2 lakh rupees, failing which he was threatened with police involvement and arrest.

Police conducted further inquiries.

Doctor Coerced into Handing Over ATM Card at His Residence

Feeling intimidated and anxious, the doctor, lacking cash at the moment, informed Juhi that his ATM card was at home. With apprehension, he complied when both Juhi and another individual, Sagarita, escorted him to his residence on a bike to retrieve his ATM card. 

Upon obtaining the ATM card from his home, they proceeded to an SBI ATM, where the doctor withdrew 1 lakh rupees from his account and handed it over to them, promising to provide the remaining 1 lakh rupees the next day.

Threatened with the consequences of non-compliance, the doctor was coerced into handing over the money. Subsequently, he was warned that failure to comply would result in a complaint being filed against him for rape, as fake police personnel lingered nearby Juhi Labana’s house.

Threats and Extortion Persist: Doctor Pressured for Further Payment

On the following day, Juhi Labana called the doctor and initiated the demand for the remaining 1 lakh rupees. She warned the doctor that if he failed to provide the amount by 8:00 PM that evening, she would file a police complaint against him and circulate his video on social media platforms. Upon receiving Juhi’s call, the doctor became increasingly distressed and anxious.

Wife Shows Courage in Dealing with the Situation

While conversing with his wife, the doctor mustered the courage to disclose the incident that occurred during his employment at the private company. Inspired by her husband’s bravery, his wife also exhibited courage. 

In the midst of this, the doctor reported Juhi Labana and her three accomplices, who had trapped him in the guise of providing a massage, to the local police station. Based on the complaint, the police have arrested all four individuals and are proceeding with further legal action.

Investigation Ongoing Regarding False Charges: PI

Currently, there is an ongoing inquiry regarding the case reported by Mr. P. I. Patel. He informed that Juhi Yogeshbhai Labana, Yogesh Bharatsinh Merawat (Residing at 1688, Block Number-8, Sanskar Nagar, Gotri, Vadodara), Anil Manojbhai Barot (Opposite S. Motors, Salatwada, Vadodara), and Sunny Rajubhai Barot (Residing at 1688, Block Number-8, Sanskar Nagar, Gotri, Vadodara) have been apprehended for falsely accusing a Medical Officer of soliciting massages. 

Why these individuals have been involved in framing false charges remains under investigation. This matter is currently under questioning.

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