Winter Chill Grips Gujarat: 7-Day Cold Snap, Nalia Colder, Ahmedabad at 14°C

With the advent of January, the unmistakable signs of winter have descended upon Gujarat. In contrast to the chill experienced last year, the current winter has been relatively milder. However, the Meteorological Department’s latest predictions indicate that the prevailing cold conditions are set to persist steadfastly for the next five days. According to their forecast, a continuous cold wave is expected to blanket the entire state during this period. Notably, the Meteorological Department asserts that the temperature is unlikely to witness any significant fluctuations in the coming week. This assertion underscores the expectation of a sustained and unyielding cold spell, necessitating residents to prepare and adapt to the prolonged winter weather.

Extended Cold Spell Predicted for Gujarat in the Next Two Weeks

The Meteorological Department’s forecast indicates that the upcoming fortnight in Gujarat is poised to be characterized by cold weather. Over the next 5 to 7 days, the state is not expected to receive any rainfall, and the absence of any system formation suggests that the current cooling rate will persist. Presently, the region is experiencing north and northeast winds, contributing to the drop in temperature. While there is a slim possibility that a change in wind direction over the next week may lead to a marginal increase in temperature by one to two degrees, the likelihood of this occurrence remains negligible. Consequently, residents of Gujarat are anticipated to endure chilly conditions throughout the initial two weeks of January.

Meteorological Department Forecasts Steady Temperature in Ahmedabad

The Meteorological Department has provided insights into the prevailing temperatures in Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s prominent metro city. Currently, the minimum temperature in Ahmedabad has been recorded at 14.5 degrees Celsius, while the capital city, Gandhinagar, registered a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius. Notably, the coldest temperatures were observed in Naliya, where the mercury dipped to 8.2 degrees Celsius.

The Meteorological Department anticipates a consistent temperature range for Ahmedabad over the next 5 to 7 days, with a projected range of 14 to 15 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, any potential increase in temperature, expected to be a marginal one to two degrees, hinges on a change in wind direction, as stated by the Meteorological Department. This information provides valuable insights for residents and local authorities to prepare for the ongoing weather conditions in the region’s capital.

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