TT Pushes Woman from AC Coach: Trapped Between Train & Platform

In Faridabad, Haryana, a woman seated in the AC coach of the Jhelum Express was pushed by the Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) while the train was in motion. She fell between the train and the platform, causing injuries. Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel present at the site immediately halted the train, pulled her out from under the train, and rushed her to the hospital. The woman’s condition is reported to be serious, with injuries to her head, hands, and legs. A case has been registered against the TTE by the Government Railway Police (GRP), but the TTE has not been identified yet.

Woman Attends Wedding, Ends Up in Hospital

Bhawna (40), a resident of SGM Nagar, was attending a wedding in Jhansi on February 29th. Her daughter Shilpa accompanied her to drop her off at the Faridabad station. Bhawna purchased a general ticket and boarded the Jhelum Express, standing on the platform around 12:15. She entered the AC coach-1 and the train started moving shortly after.

Prepared to Pay Penalty, But Forced Out

When asked by the TTE why she boarded the AC coach, Bhawna replied that she had a general ticket. She was asked to disembark from the compartment. She stated she was ready to pay the penalty, but the TTE attempted to forcefully push her out of the moving train. Bhawna insisted she would change coaches at the next station, but the TTE was unwilling to listen.

Thrown Off Train, Suffers Serious Injuries

Bhawna reported that the TTE threw her belongings out of the moving train first, then pushed her as well. She fell on the platform and got stuck between the train and the platform. RPF personnel immediately rushed to the scene, pulled her out, and stopped the train for about 10 minutes. She suffered serious injuries to her fingers, head, hips, and legs. She is currently receiving treatment at ESI Hospital in NIT.

Woman’s Life at Risk

Sources from the RPF suggest that had she been thrown a little more violently, the woman could have lost her life. The incident occurred due to the improper manner in which the train was boarded and the woman getting stuck between the train and the platform. Since the train was gaining speed, it was challenging to rescue her. The woman alleges that the TTE attempted to throw her off the moving train with the intention of causing harm.

Case Registered Against TTE

A case has been registered against the TTE by the Government Railway Police (GRP). Rajpal, the Station Inchage of GRP, stated that they are requesting relevant records from the railway authorities. The accused TTE has not been identified yet. He will be apprehended shortly.

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