Highway Horror: Khodiyar Mata Pilgrimage Tragedy – 3 Dead, 5 Critical, Driver Flees

Amidst the serene surroundings of the Harij-Chanasma Highway, a tragic hit-and-run incident has unfolded, casting a pall of sorrow over the region. As devotees made their way from Bahucharaji’s Ambaji to the temple of Varana Khodiyar Mataji, a collision occurred, leaving three individuals dead at the scene. The incident, which occurred in the vicinity of the temple, resulted in injuries to five or more individuals, with four in critical condition.

Fatalities Strike Three at the Scene of the Tragic Incidents

According to information gathered unexpectedly, a group from Bahucharaji’s Ambala village was en route to seek blessings at the Varana Khodiyar Mataji temple. Late into the night, on the Harij-Chanasma Highway near Dantarwada village, an unidentified driver collided with this group, causing fatalities and fleeing the scene. In this unfortunate mishap, two women and a teenage girl lost their lives on-site, while more than five individuals were injured, with four reported to be in critical condition. The incident has prompted intervention from Dharapur Civil authorities, where the condition of the four critically injured individuals remains of utmost concern.

Mother Goddess' Chariot Caught in the Tangle of Branches

Mother Goddess’ Chariot Caught in the Tangle of Branches

As the driver, unaware of the Pagpala group, collided with them, the impact of the accident was so severe that the Mother Goddess’ chariot veered off the road and became entangled in the branches on the side. Upon arrival at the scene, the Harij Police initiated a search for the driver involved in the accident.

35 Pilgrims Journeying to Varana Temple Involved in Accident

35 Pilgrims Journeying to Varana Temple Involved in Accident

In an unforeseen incident, PSI D.K. Chaudhary of the Harij Police Station disclosed that 35 pilgrims from Bahucharaji’s Ambala village were en route to the Varana Khodiyar Mata temple, pulling a chariot, when an unknown ice cream van driver collided with them on the road. The collision resulted in three fatalities and five individuals receiving treatment at Dharpur Civil Hospital for necessary care and support.

Accident Scene

Deceased Names:

  1. Puja Ben Jayramji (Age: 20)
  2. Roshniben Jagaji (Age: 16)
  3. Sharadaben Kadwaji (Age: 62)

Injured Names:

  1. Mahendrabhai Thakor (Age: 25)
  2. Rahulbhai Manganji Thakor (Age: 18)
  3. Nileshbhai Prabhatbhai Thakor (Age: 13)
  4. Savitaben Nagji Thakor (Age: 45)
  5. Sandeshbhai Mansingbhai Thakor (Age: 18)

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