Rajiv Modi Appears Before Cadila’s CMD Police Station: Allegations of Bulgarian Woman’s Assault, Rajiv Modi Evades Arrest

The Chief Managing Director (CMD) of the renowned pharmaceutical company Cadillac, Rajiv Modi, has been accused of misconduct by a Bulgarian woman in Ahmedabad. Rajiv Modi has evaded police custody for a considerable period. Today, he arrived at the Sola Police Station where his statement is being recorded.

This high-profile case involving Rajiv Modi has garnered attention due to his prolonged avoidance of law enforcement. His involvement and accountability in this matter or whether he is accused in the complaint remain undisclosed. The Sola Police Station is making efforts to gather details regarding the allegations brought forth by the Bulgarian woman.

Bulgarian Woman Does Not Appear Before Police Despite Importance of Her Statement

In the ongoing case, the crucial statement belongs to the Bulgarian woman; however, despite police summons, she has not appeared before the authorities. Until the woman’s statement is recorded, further investigation cannot proceed. Despite efforts made by the police to contact the woman, she has not presented herself before the authorities.

Johnson Mathews’ Special Role Remains Unseen Despite Criticism

Despite criticism from the young woman, Johnson Mathews’ special role has yet to be seen. It has come to light that Johnson Mathews issued a job offer letter. In this case, the woman’s allegations have been recorded by the police along with statements from a total of 65 individuals, including employees of Cadillac. However, despite the police’s desire to further investigate upon receiving the woman’s statement, she is not present, thereby hindering the progress of the investigation.

The girl accompanied the police when the investigation was conducted at Rajiv Modi's farm house.

Police Conducted Investigation at Rajiv Modi’s Residence

On December 31, 2023, as per court orders, the Sola Police investigated the allegations of misconduct filed against Rajiv Modi and Johnson Mathews, the HR manager of Cadillac. Subsequently, the police conducted an inquiry at Rajiv Modi’s residence and recorded statements from the staff. The Bulgarian woman had also alleged that when she went to the Ahmedabad police to file a complaint, they refused to register her rape complaint and allegedly intimidated her. Later, the Bulgarian woman knocked on the doors of the High Court for redressal.

The Woman Did Not Appear for Statement

While the High Court acknowledged the bravery of the Bulgarian woman, the Police Commissioner has stated that she has been persistently elusive to Bulgarian authorities for reasons unknown prior to providing a statement to the police regarding the allegations. Several individuals were called upon by the police for statements in this case, including the woman filing the complaint. However, she did not appear for her statement, and ultimately, she continues to remain in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian girl clarified that she was in India.

Case Remains Highly Sensitive

The police are actively pursuing Rajiv Modi’s whereabouts, deploying efforts across various locations. Moreover, an allegation of intimidation was made against an individual named Johnson Mathews, who had received two notices from the police. However, he had requested more time. Presently, the police have noted Johnson Mathews’ statement concerning the entire case, and details linking Rajiv and the woman are being compiled. 

As the case remains highly sensitive, police officials have refrained from releasing any information publicly. Nevertheless, the police have been informed of the involvement of various individuals in this case, and investigations are ongoing.

The Woman Revealed Through Video: “I’m in India”

Recently, the police stated that the Bulgarian woman had been going to Bulgaria. Afterwards, the woman disclosed through a video that she had not left India and that she was staying in a safe place due to threats to her life. There was an attempt to kill me. While I was sitting in a taxi, I received a call from the Maharashtra Police, asking me to go somewhere. I asked the cab driver to change the location. People have also contacted my mother. 

My family is also in danger. I do not understand why the authorities have not taken any action even after providing all the evidence. The latest photo of the Bulgarian woman’s presence in Ahmedabad on January 24 is available with Divya Bhaskar.

The last photo of the Bulgarian girl's presence in Ahmedabad dated 24 January

A Young Man Was Followed While Wearing a Hoodie

According to the lawyer, based on his sources, there is no entry in his passport for Bulgaria. Recently, according to his sources, on Tuesday, a young man aged 25 to 29, accompanied by a friend, was followed while wearing a hoodie. By God’s grace, he survived, and he will fight this case legally, but he also cautioned his friends to remain vigilant and obtain CCTV footage from Agora Mall. He informed them that he is in the hospital, but he did not provide any further details about his whereabouts.

The young woman provided the names and numbers of a total of 33 individuals as witnesses in the filed rape case. Most of the witnesses were working in Cadila at the time. After filing the complaint on December 31, the police went to Rajiv Modi’s bungalow in Charodi for investigation. Statements of some witnesses have also been recorded. The young woman was supposed to visit the CP office to provide her statement to the police between January 17 and 24.

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