Vidyanagar Foundation Day: Celebrating Creation of 4 Million Graduates

Vidyanagar celebrates its 79th birthday today, and one of the unique features of this city in Anand district is that it’s never a ghost town. It’s always bustling with youthful energy. The local residents here love it more than their homeland.

Vallabh Vidyanagar: Blending Tradition with Modernity

Vallabh Vidyanagar has two distinct features: it’s named after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the architect of modern India, and secondly, people from all over the country and abroad choose to settle in this city. They love Vallabh Vidyanagar as much as their hometown. The city offers all physical amenities of urban life within a rural environment and it’s pollution-free.

Youthful Ambiance in Vidyanagar

The maximum population of Vidyanagar comprises youth. It’s a city where students and industries blend seamlessly. Cities like Ahmedabad and Vadodara are old, whereas Vidyanagar attracts students who come with new ideas. The educational city has provided degrees to over 3.75 lakh people so far.

The Foundation of Vidyanagar

When the project of Vidyanagar was initiated, Nadiad, Anand, Sojitra, and Vasad had only secondary schools, not a single college. Vidyanagar started with the vision of Sardar Patel in 1946. The concept of keeping villages outside the government’s control to develop them into self-sustaining units was practical and economical, ensuring practical application and affordability.

Sardar Patel University: A Beacon of Education

Established in 1955, Sardar Patel University had Bhikhabhai as its first Vice-Chancellor. His dreams paved the way for significant projects. Even today, departments of arts, commerce, science, teacher training centers, biotechnology, management, pharmacy, engineering, medicine and medical technology, nursing, home science, music, and dance are thriving.

Educational and Industrial Hub

With over 3.75 lakh people having obtained degrees so far, the city now boasts two universities, 35 colleges, and 28 departments. More than 40,000 students study here. Vidyanagar is not just a renowned brand; it’s a city where every day starts with morning walks in the science field, followed by exercises.

Nehru’s Astonishment and Vidyanagar’s Beginnings

In February 1949, a remarkable event occurred. On the 2nd of February, India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, arrived to lay the foundation stone for Sardar Patel University. The expeditiousness and excellence of the work amazed him, leading him to say, “I’m amazed to see the work here.” From 1949 to 1956, the pioneering work in building Sardar Patel University was done without any fuss, thanks to the dedication of Bhikhabhai and Bhikhabhai, among others, who remain unknown today.

Celebration Shastri Maidan

The 79th Vidyanagar Day celebrations will include the inauguration of Vidyanagar by Charutar Vidya Mandal and Sardar Patel University at Shastri Maidan. A pavilion has been prepared for the occasion at Shastri Maidan. Along with the families supporting the city’s development and the display of historical photographs of Vidyanagar, the city’s educational journey will also be showcased. The Charutar Vidya Mandal and CVM University, as well as Sardar Patel University, will revive Vidyanagar at Shastri Maidan.

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