Ahmedabad Bus Services Affected on Ratha Yatra Route: AMTS-BRTS Routes Changes, Some Routes Suspended, Find Alternate Routes

Lord Jagannath’s 147th Ratha Yatra is set to commence on Sunday, July 7th. To facilitate the event, changes have been made to the routes of AMTS and BRTS buses.

AMTS has suspended operations on Routes 10 and 71, while diverting them to alternative routes. BRTS has suspended operations on Route 4, with partial diversions on five other bus routes. Operations at BRTS Stand 32 will remain suspended. Additionally, AMTS has reduced operations on 6 bus routes and suspended 10 others. A total of 146 On-Road bus routes and 813 bus services will be affected during this time.

Special Shuttle Service from Delhi Darwaja to Kalupur Railway Station for Ratha Yatra

For travelers heading towards Kalupur Railway Station from Delhi Darwaja, Shuttle Route No. 89-3 and 76 will be available every 15 to 20 minutes, totaling 8 buses. These buses will run between the two points, providing convenient transport during the Ratha Yatra event. 

The fare from Delhi Darwaja to Sarangpur via Diversion Route will be Rs. 5. Travelers can board and disembark at all bus stands along the diversion route. This service will operate exclusively during the closure of the Ratha Yatra route and will continue to run at regular intervals during other times.

147th Ratha Yatra

Benefits of Using Metro Train to Reach Kalupur Railway Station

Due to the closure of roads towards Kalupur during the Ratha Yatra on Sunday, metro train services provide a convenient option for commuters. The direct access from Kalupur Metro Station to Kalupur Railway Station ensures that passengers can avoid additional hassles and travel smoothly. Therefore, utilizing the metro train service is recommended for its convenience during this period.

147th Ratha Yatra

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