PM Modi Greenlights India’s First Rapid Train: Dreaming Big, Not Walking Small

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s first rapid train, giving the country the name “Namobharat,” and also launched the RRTS Connect app by pressing a button. Detailed information about the rapid rail will be available through this app, where users can scan a QR code on their mobiles to purchase their first tickets.

Name Change to “Namobharat” Before Inauguration

Before the inauguration, the central government changed the name of this rapid train from Rapidex to “Namobharat.” Congress Secretary Jairam Ramesh commented on this change, saying, “After the Namostadium, now it’s the Namobharat train. It seems like the name of the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad will also be changed to Narendra Modi Stadium. This raises the question: is it only for India? Let’s rename the entire country Namobharat.”

PM Modi Interacts with Schoolchildren

Following the flagging-off ceremony with the green flag, PM Modi enjoyed the journey aboard the Namobharat train. He also interacted with school children who were traveling on the train, having conversations with them while sitting in their seats. After the train ride, PM Modi arrived at the open grounds of Vasundhara Sector-8. There, he reached out to the people, acknowledging their greetings while waving from an open jeep.

PM Modi was warmly welcomed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on the stage, where he offered a statue of Ma Durga and a model of Namobharat.

Modi Says – ‘What You’ve Inaugurated, You Must Complete

Prime Minister Modi said, “Today is a historic moment for the entire nation. Today, the first rapid rail service for India, the ‘Namo Bharat’ train, has been launched. About four years ago, the foundation stone for the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut Regional Corridor project was laid. Today, the management of ‘Namo Bharat’ is commencing from Sahibabad to Duhai Depot.”

“I would like to say today that whatever we have initiated, we will also complete. This Meerut section will be fully functional within two years. During that time, I will be at your service. I have grown up around railway tracks in my childhood. Today, this new avatar of the railway makes me very happy. This experience is joyful.”

I Don’t Have the Habit of Pursuing Small Dreams

He said, “This track from Delhi to Meerut is just a beginning. In the first phase, the ‘Namo Bharat’ train will connect Delhi with many extensive areas of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan. When I mention Rajasthan, it reminds me of Ashok Gehlot. In the future, the ‘Namo Bharat’ system will be established in the rest of the country. Over the next 10 years, Indian Railways will transform entirely. I don’t have the habit of pursuing small dreams. Even if I were to pass away, India’s trains will continue to progress.”

Chandrayaan Has Put India on the World Map by Landing on the Moon

He said, “In the 21st century, India is scripting a new saga of progress in every field. Today, India has put Chandrayaan on the moon and showcased itself to the entire world. By organizing the grand G-20 summit, India has taken a step to unite the world with it. India has won more than 100 medals in the Asian Games. Today, India has launched 5G, and it will be made available to all citizens. India is manufacturing fighter aircraft today. Along with that, the tricolour flag is now being flown on revolutionized ships in the vast ocean. Today, at a rapid pace, ‘Namo Bharat’ has started, and it is ‘Made in India’.”

The Women of India Are Symbols of Growing Strength

He mentioned, “Among us, there is a tradition of auspicious work during Navratri. First, the ‘Namo Bharat’ train has received the blessings of Ma Katyayani today. From the driver of the new train to all the employees, they are our country’s women and daughters. These Indian women represent growing strength. I extend greetings for this Navratri to everyone in Delhi, NCR, and Western Uttar Pradesh.”

For the First Time, UP Gets ‘Namo Bharat’

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said, “For the people of the state, I extend my welcome for this meet on Vijayadashami. In the past 9 years, this country has seen world-class work. ‘Vande Bharat’ train has shown a new India. Today, Uttar Pradesh is getting ‘Namo Bharat’ for the first time. You will inaugurate the Agra metro in February. In Varanasi, the ropeway service has been running in the style of warriors. The rapid rail service will reduce the distance between Delhi and Meerut. The Uttar Pradesh section of the 12-lane Expressway (Delhi-Meerut) was just a dream. But if it’s Modi, it’s possible.

A Female Pilot in the Train, Modi Takes a Journey

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a 34-kilometer journey in the ‘Namo Bharat’ train. They first became passengers and traveled from Sahibabad to Duhai Station and then returned. Starting from October 21, ordinary passengers can also travel in this train. The Central Government has decided to rename this Rapid Express Train as ‘Namo Bharat’. After the inauguration, PM Modi reached the venue at Vasundhara Sector-8. There, he addressed a public meeting. This train will run at a speed of 160 km/hour. The total length of this corridor is 82 km, with 14 km in Delhi and 68 km in Uttar Pradesh. It will be connected with various lines of Delhi Metro. It will also connect Alwar, Panipat, and Meerut with Delhi, meaning that we can call it the trailer of the bullet train.

Over 4,000 Policemen Deployed in Security Arrangements

For the Prime Minister’s program in Ghaziabad, strict security arrangements have been put in place. Around 85 gazetted officers, including 15 IPS officers, have been deployed, and nearly 4,500 policemen will be ready at various points. In the nearby D-Gallery, 70 special police personnel will be stationed in safari suits. Additionally, bomb squads, dog squads, fire tenders, CCTV cameras, and drone cameras have been installed to ensure the station’s security. The security SP will be stationed nearby.

82-Kilometer-Long Corridor with a Cost of 30,000 Crores

The Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor is 82 kilometers long and comes with an estimated cost of around 30,000 crore rupees. The first section of this project, which is approximately 17 kilometers long from Sahibabad station to Duhai Depot in Ghaziabad, is now operational. The corridor includes five stations – Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Guldhar, Duhai, and Duhai Depot. Initially, 10 to 13 trains will run on this track. This journey will be completed in just 11 to 12 minutes, as the trains will run at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. In the next phase, these trains will be extended to Meerut South Station by the year 2024. By 2025, the entire Delhi-Meerut corridor will have the operation of the Rapid Rail.

Rental Fare from Duai Depot to Sahibabad: ₹50

The fare from Duai Depot to Sahibabad station on a regular coach of the rapid rail will be ₹50. If you choose to travel in a premium coach, the fare may vary. The inauguration of the rapid rail is scheduled for October 20th, but it will be available for passengers from October 21st. Its operational hours will be from 6 AM to 11 AM. No fare will be charged for children up to 90 cm in height. Passengers can carry up to 25 kg of luggage with them.

How to Get Cashless Tickets

You can obtain digital QR code-based tickets by downloading the RapidX Connect app from Google Play. The director will deduct the ticket amount from your bank account. You can also travel with the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) at the station’s ticket counter. This card can be recharged from ₹100 to ₹2000. Using credit, debit, prepaid cards, RuPay cards, and Visa cards, you can purchase tickets at the ticket vending machines and save yourself from the hassle of buying tickets every day.

Let’s Learn About the Features and Amenities of the Rapid Train:

  • This train has been designed to run at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour (KMPH), but currently, it operates at 160 KMPH. It is the country’s first train to run at such high speeds.
  • The train consists of a total of 6 coaches. Among them, one coach is premium and reserved for women. In the general coach, there are 72 seats, and in the premium coach, there are 62 seats. Altogether, this train can accommodate up to 1700 passengers at a time, allowing them to travel comfortably.
  • The train features ergonomically designed 2×2 transverse seating, ample legroom for passengers, luggage racks, CCTV cameras, laptop/mobile charging facilities, and dynamic route maps.
  • In each coach, there are seats reserved for differently-abled and senior citizens. Wheelchair and stretcher facilities are available as well.
  • The premium coach offers reclining seats, coat hooks, magazine holders, and footrests for added comfort. When traveling from Delhi to Meerut, the premium coach is the first coach, while it becomes the last coach when traveling from Meerut to Delhi.

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