Bajaj to Launch First CNG Bike in Two Variants on July 5: Dual-Fuel Capable with an Expected Price of ₹80,000

Bajaj Auto is set to launch the world’s first CNG bike on July 5. Numerous images and details from the bike’s testing phase have surfaced, revealing that it will be available in two variants. 

The two-wheeler manufacturer confirmed the launch event date through a recent media invitation, which also included a design image of the upcoming bike. Bajaj claims this will be the world’s first CNG bike, with the launch event featuring Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Bajaj to Launch First CNG Bike

Possible Names for Bajaj’s New CNG Bike: Fighter or Bruiser

Bajaj Auto’s upcoming CNG bike might be named Fighter or Bruiser. The company recently trademarked the name “Bajaj Fighter,” which could be used for this new CNG model. 

Additionally, last month, Bajaj trademarked the name “Bajaj Bruiser,” suggesting that Fighter might be their second CNG bike. However, Bajaj has not officially confirmed the names for either bike yet.

Dual Fuel Tank and Design Features of Bajaj’s CNG Bike

Bajaj’s new CNG bike might feature dual fuel tanks, accommodating both CNG and petrol. The invitation shows a flat single seat, possibly covering the CNG tank intake. The bike has been spotted multiple times on Indian roads during testing.

Design-wise, it includes a round headlamp, single-piece seat, exhaust muffler, rear fender, rear tire hugger, single-piece pillion grab rail, LED indicators, compact engine guard, belly pan, alloy wheels, front cowl, and handlebar with handguards.

Bajaj-Auto Executive Director Rakesh Sharma urged the government to reduce GST on CNG bikes to 12%.

Engine Specifications of Bajaj’s CNG Bike

Bajaj’s CNG bike might feature a sloper engine to keep the fuel tank away from engine heat. Expected to be in the 100-125cc range, the bike will support a dual fuel system, allowing it to run on both petrol and CNG. Bajaj claims the bike can switch seamlessly between the two fuel options, offering flexibility and efficiency to riders.

Bajaj to Introduce CNG Bikes in Various Segments

Bajaj aims to attract cost-conscious customers with its new CNG models, addressing rising petrol and diesel prices. Initially launching in Maharashtra and then expanding to other states with CNG stations, Bajaj plans to build a portfolio of CNG bikes, including models in the 100cc, 125cc, and 150-160cc segments.

Price and Features of Bajaj’s CNG Bike

Bajaj’s CNG bike is expected to start at around ₹80,000 (ex-showroom). Media reports highlight features such as a round LED headlight, braced tubular handlebar with a guard, large fuel tank cladding, spacious seat, single-piece grab rail, and LED taillight. 

It will also come with separate tanks for petrol and CNG, and a semi-digital instrument console. The engine capacity is anticipated to be between 110cc and 125cc.

Reduced Emissions with Bajaj’s CNG Bike

Bajaj Auto’s MD, Rajiv Bajaj, mentioned that the company plans to launch the CNG bike in the first quarter of FY25. The aim is to cut fuel costs by half. During prototype testing, the bike showed a significant reduction in emissions: 50% less CO2, 75% less CO, and nearly 90% less non-methane hydrocarbons compared to petrol bikes, leading to substantially lower pollution.

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