Unidentified Woman Lifts Child from Civil Hospital, CCTV: Hospital Management Neglects; Family Rushes to Home Minister, Police Responds

In a concerning incident at Surat’s new Civil Hospital, a 3-year-old child went missing, prompting a swift response from the police. Upon learning of the incident, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), and Khatodara police staff rushed to the hospital. 

As they reviewed CCTV footage, they observed a woman leaving the hospital through the main gate with a child, raising immediate alarms.

Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi gave information about the abduction of the child

Order to Quickly Locate Child and Hand Over to Parents Issued

In the case of the missing 3-year-old child from Civil Hospital, Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi instructed the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) to deploy additional teams for a rapid search to locate the child and return them to their parents. The entire matter is under investigation.

The child was playing in the lobby of the G-1 Ward of the New Civil Hospital

Activity in Hospital Lobby Involving Rajesh and Family

According to available information, Rajesh, originally from Uttar Pradesh and currently employed at Sachin Ice Factory near Ishwar Nagar in Gujarat, resides with his wife and their 3-year-old child named Shiva. Rajesh supports his family through his work at the ice factory. 

Recently, Rajesh and his family were seen in the G-1 ward of the new Civil Hospital, presumably to handle some administrative matters related to their child. During their visit, they were observed moving from the G-1 ward to the lobby of the F-1 ward.

Senior police officials rushed to the hospital on Tuesday night

Security and Hospital Management Did Not Take the Matter Seriously

Shiva went missing while playing in the hospital, causing great distress to his family, who searched frantically but found no trace of him. Concerned, the family approached the hospital’s security office, where they were directed to seek permission from the hospital administration to review the CCTV footage. 

However, when they requested written permission from the hospital administration, they were rebuffed without any seriousness given to the gravity of the situation, leaving the family deeply upset.

A senior police officer inspected the hospital

Family Compelled to File Complaint with Home Minister

Recently, the Kanatali family reached out to the state’s Home Minister after facing a grave situation. Following their plea, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), and Khatodara police staff rushed to the hospital. Currently, there is no information available on the child’s whereabouts, as the investigation is ongoing.

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