Fatal Accident: Car Plunges 60 Feet into River in Dhoraji, Claiming Four Lives

A tragic accident has occurred near Dhoraji in Rajkot district. A car tire burst near the bridge over the Bhadar River, causing the vehicle to plunge 60 feet below into the river. In this accident, tragically, three women and one man lost their lives. Upon receiving the news, local police rushed to the scene and, with the help of divers, retrieved all the bodies to conduct post-mortems. Investigations are currently underway, and the police are conducting further inquiries into the incident.

According to the available information, an I-20 car was crossing the bridge over the Bhadar River near Dhoraji in Rajkot district when suddenly its tire burst. As a result, the car plunged into the Bhadar River. Nearby bystanders immediately rushed to the scene. Upon receiving the report, both the police and fire department teams hurried to the site. With the assistance of the fire department, the car and its occupants were retrieved from the river. Unfortunately, all the bodies were found outside the car. The accident claimed the lives of four individuals, including two women, one young woman, and one man.

According to initial investigations by the police, the names of the deceased are identified as Sangitaben Koyani (55 years old), Lilavantiben Thummar (52 years old), Dineshbhai Thummar (55 years old), and Hardikaben Thummar (22 years old). The car was traveling from Mandasan towards Dhoraji when, for reasons yet unknown, it veered off and fell into the Bhadar Dam. The accident occurred near Jetpur Road in Dhoraji. It is believed that the tire of the car burst, leading to the unfortunate accident.

In the hospital, there was a rush of people’s relatives along with local BJP leaders and trustees of the Tulsi Charitable Trust who rushed to the government hospital in Dhoraji. The incident caused chaos not only at the hospital but also in the surrounding areas. The entire Dhoraji town and nearby villages are engulfed in a somber atmosphere following this tragic event. Currently, the police are conducting further investigations and preparing for post-mortem examinations of the deceased bodies.

Niyati Rao

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