Bomb Threat at Delhi Airport: Vadodara-Bound Air India Flight Halted, 150 Passengers Stranded, Checked Three Times, Nothing Found

On Wednesday evening, Air India’s AI-819 flight was scheduled to arrive in Vadodara at around 7:30 PM. However, the flight was halted in Delhi due to a bomb threat, leaving 150 passengers stranded. The bomb threat induced fear among the passengers. 

Subsequently, the passengers were accommodated in alternative flights, divided into groups of 20. Last night, 180 passengers bound for Vadodara were accommodated at the Vadodara airport, all of whom will be accommodated on rescheduled flights today.

Bomb Threat Halts Air India Flight

On Wednesday, 150 passengers were on board Air India’s flight number AI-819 from Delhi to Vadodara. However, the last flight was halted. Air India authorities were informed of a bomb threat

The lives of the 150 passengers heading to Vadodara were put on hold. Passengers from Vadodara bound for Delhi were stranded at Vadodara airport.

Mahesh Ramchandani, the father of a passenger, said - We were at the Vadodara airport till 11 o'clock at night.

Family’s Disrupted Travel Plans

We were quite surprised when Mahesh Ramchandani, father of a passenger from Vadodara, shared that his daughter was scheduled to fly to Canada yesterday via Delhi. Her flight from Delhi to Canada was scheduled for the night. 

However, due to security reasons and threats, the flight was canceled. Until recently, we were informed that the flight coming from Delhi has been diverted. Later, it was announced that the flight has been canceled. We were quite surprised, and until 11 o’clock at night, we were at Vadodara airport. 

My daughter had a lot of work in Canada, but now everything has been delayed. We hope that the flight arrives on time today so that she can go to Delhi and then proceed to Canada.

A passenger sent a video of the in-flight journey

Announcement During Security Check, Some Passengers Still Boarded, Later Asked to Deplane

Ajay Dave, a passenger scheduled to arrive in Vadodara from the flight, mentioned that announcements were made during the security check. Despite this, some passengers still boarded the flight. However, they were later asked to disembark. 

Currently, passengers are being sent to Vadodara in groups via other flights. Despite undergoing three security checks on the flight, nothing suspicious was found.

No Bomb Found: Relief for Passengers and Authorities

No Bomb Found: Relief for Passengers and Authorities

After thorough checking until the early hours, no bomb or suspicious items were found, bringing relief to both the security personnel and passengers. Vadodara airport authorities stated that the flight was canceled due to security reasons. 

When passengers arrived at Vadodara airport, they were informed about the situation. During interactions with passengers, it was conveyed that this flight, originally scheduled for May 16th, will now arrive at Vadodara airport this afternoon.

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