Car Accident on Route to Diu In Ahmedabad: Hit Biker, Shop Rammed, Elderly Man Crushed

In the vicinity of Khawgali near Una city, the driver lost control over the steering wheel early in the morning, leading to a crash into the pav bhaji shop. Outside the shop, an elderly person was hit by the car and tragically lost his life at the scene. The police have taken custody of the vehicle for further investigation into the incident.

Accident Due to Loss of Steering Control

A family residing in Ahmedabad had come out in their car with registration number GJ-06-PR-2526 and was heading towards the park. Near Khawgali, on the main road, the car’s driver lost control over the steering wheel, causing the car to crash straight into the pav bhaji shop. The shop’s exterior housed an elderly man named Dineshbhai Gandhi. He succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. The incident caused significant damage to the shop’s shutter, glass, tables, and even the pillars of the shop’s exterior. Additionally, a bike with registration number GJ-32-AB-7276 was also damaged due to flying debris.

Fatality at the Scene Involving Elderly Pedestrian

The accident involved a car carrying a single family along with four individuals, including children. The car was speeding so much that upon impact, the airbags deployed. Among the occupants was a child named Mihir Kapilbhai Shah. Ahmedabad witnessed grave concerns. While others suffered minor to major injuries, all were promptly attended to by the Emergency 108 ambulance service and were taken to the nearest private hospital for treatment.

Police Take Action at the Scene

The accident caused a commotion on the road, with vehicles and bystanders crowding the area, leading to traffic congestion. Consequently, the police arrived at the scene to clear the traffic and ensure smooth flow. The front portion of the car’s bonnet was severely damaged. Upon learning about the accident, the owner of the pav bhaji shop, Bipinbhai Chaganbhai Bambhaniya, rushed to the scene immediately.

Government of Gujarat’s Board Mentioned on the Car

It’s worth noting that the car, in which the Ahmedabad family was traveling, had the Government of Gujarat’s board affixed to its front and a doctor’s symbol on its rear window. In the aftermath of the accident, the elderly person’s body, who lost his life, was taken to a government hospital for postmortem. The police took further steps for a thorough investigation into the matter.

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